How to Lighten Up During Kapha Season-11932

How to Lighten Up During Kapha Season

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Now that the winter has turned wetter and heavier we find ourselves gravitating from Vata (dry and windy) season to Kapha season (wetter and heavier).  For those of you still covered in snow, you will find this is the season that the…
Calming the “Winds” of Vata Season-9150

Calming the "Winds" of Vata Season

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Fall has officially come to South Lebanon and, as the temperature drops and the wind starts howling, the crisp Autumn air ushers in my favorite time of the year.  In Ayurveda fall is ruled by the Vata dosha.  Vata characteristics…
Shriodhara ayurveda spotlight

Calm the Dog Days of Summer with Ayurveda

The dog days of summer are upon us.  Here in Lebanon it is hot and sticky and all I want to eat is watermelon and gazpacho. This is Pitta season according to Ayurveda and I am a Pitta-Vata in body and a Vata-Pitta in mind so look out…
Elanveda breathing relief

Obsession Alert:: ElanVeda BreathingEase

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ElanVeda's high quality essential oils and wildcrafted herbs help keep summer colds and flu at bay naturally.

#Giveaway Alert:: Ayurveda Pura Herbal Tea Gift Set

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Win this incredible Ayurveda Pura Luxury Herbal Tea Gift Set today and balance your health while scintillating your taste buds this holiday season and beyond.

Balance Fall Vata Imbalances with Yoga

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These three poses (and a bit of eye candy) as shown by Yogi Cameron will calm your Vata imbalances and keep you grounded.

Homemade Cold, Cough, and Flu Remedies

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Home remedies can be just as effective at treating symptoms while allowing the body to find its own pathways to speedy recovery during colds and flu.

Benefits of Abhyanga (Self-Massage)

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Self-massage or abhyanga with oil at least 2-3 times a week is the perfect way to tend to body and soul.