Tieks starstruck ballet flats

Divalicious:: Tieks by Gavrieli

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a typical "diva" I have spent my life in sky high stilettos and loved every moment.  I adore Jimmy, Christian, (and Christian), Manolo, Brian, oh I could wax poetic about my shoes.  I treasure each and…
debunking nutrition myths raw cacao

Nutrition Myths Debunked:: Raw Cacao

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If you love chocolate and are super health conscious, this is a must read!
DIY Eggshell calcium

Elemental Calcium with Eggshell Calcium Recipes

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Calcium is the most abundant element in the human body. Here's a cheap and effective way of getting yours!
The case for sugar

The Case for Sugar

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Find out why the "no sugar" movement may be doing you more harm than good.
Homemade coconut milk

Homemade Coconut Milk

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Making your own coconut milk is easy and delicious and keeps you from being exposed to stabilizers and BPA.
Nutrisorb Vitamin A

Nutrisorb and the Benefits of Vitamin A

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Find out why Vitamin A is imperative in your nutritional plan and how to get more of it.
the dark side of coffee beans

The Dark Side of Coffee

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Are health experts right or wrong about the negative health impact of coffee?
4 Problems with Protein Powder

4 Problems with Protein Powder

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Why I believe you should pass on protein powder.
Why I am sick of Dr. Oz

Why I am Sick of Dr. Oz

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Why I want to throw something heavy at the TV every time I see Doctor Oz.
Is there more to organic

Why Organic Is Not Enough

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Does the label "organic" automatically mean that a food is healthy?