Is Your Gut Aging You? Take Our Quiz and See

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Your gut, inflammation and hormones all are responsible for premature aging.... and it's avoidable!! I'm sure all of you beauties reading this are wondering if it is true, that I just said gut aging (and indeed aging from hormones and inflammation)…

What's the Deal with MTHFR? And Why Should I Care?

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Unless you've been living in a cave in the Galapagos for the last 3 years, you've probably heard the letters MTHFR being bandied about in the wellness stratosphere but this can all be very confusing unless you have a PhD. in Genomics.  It…
the skinny on adaptogens

The Skinny on Adaptogens

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In these days of stress and our "go go go" lifestyles oftentimes we need a little help to make it over the hurdles.   We all know the power of eating a high quality nutrient dense diet full of vegetables, fruits, pastured, high quality…

Using Functional Medicine for Health Alchemy

Functional Medicine is one of the pillars of my practice and, these days, it is getting a lot of press.  With The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mark Hyman opening a burgeoning functional medicine program it is becoming much more mainstream. Of…
Health issues that affect your thyroid, can you have fleas and ticks?

You Can Have Fleas AND Ticks:: A New Look at Thyroid Issues

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Today, the over simplistic method of treating thyroid dysfunction is examined and overhauled.