explanation of hormonal imbalance

Explaining Hormonal Imbalance Pt. 1

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Did you ever think about why we talk so much about hormonal imbalance? It might surprise you to know that the very same hormones that keep us healthy, balanced and happy are the exact same hormones that can cause us emotional and physical…

Is Your Gut Aging You? Take Our Quiz and See

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Your gut, inflammation and hormones all are responsible for premature aging.... and it's avoidable!! I'm sure all of you beauties reading this are wondering if it is true, that I just said gut aging (and indeed aging from hormones and inflammation)…

Using Functional Medicine for Health Alchemy

Functional Medicine is one of the pillars of my practice and, these days, it is getting a lot of press.  With The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mark Hyman opening a burgeoning functional medicine program it is becoming much more mainstream. Of…
adrenal burnout

4 Things You Must Know About Adrenal Burnout

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Life can be a challenge when you are so tired you are actually wired, and in a vicious cycle! When you are experiencing adrenal burnout life can lose its magic. (Click here to listen to this as an audio.) It's been a long time since my last…
Hormonal Imbalance?  Think Thyroid!-11973

Hormonal Imbalance? Think Thyroid!

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I love it when medical doctors tell you that you have a hormonal imbalance and hand you more hormones (birth control pills, normally) to combat it without once addressing the effects of balance (or root causes of the imbalance) on other systems…
Baby blues

Baby Blues or #PPD?

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What is the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression?
DHEA and Adrenal Fatigue

DHEA:: The "Other" Stress Hormone

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What is DHEA and should you supplement?

The Skinny on Cellulite

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Cellulite is the bane of most women and some men! Find out what causes cellulite in this segment.