the truth about leptin resistance

The Lowdown on Leptin:: Pt. 2

Leptin is one of the reasons I love my job.  I know that sounds a little insane but it's true.  One of the big reasons I love being a nutritionist is having the unique opportunity to unravel the mystery of the health issues of my clients.…

Evolution and My Estrogen Dominance Protocol

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Well, beauties, it sure has been a journey over the last year and a half with a labyrinth of classes including a wealth of nutritional biochemistry classes and hours upon hours of research.   While I have loved every second of my journey…
fermented foods and your metabolism

Fermented Foods and Your Metabolism

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Unless you have been living on the moon over the last few years (and I think they MAY have internet on the moon by now) you have heard that eating "fermented foods" are the biggest way to eat your way to health and happiness.  Saurkraut has…

The Candida Myth Busted

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I wrote a little about why the words "I am doing the candida diet" annoy me so much on my Facebook page yesterday and, this morning, was still thinking about it and how I haven't gone deep enough on this site about how this "blanket" diagnosis…
treating your adrenals

Raveling OAT Axis Imbalance:: Self-Treatment

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The first line of defense in treating OAT Axis imbalance is treat adrenals first. Find out why.
Is your thyroid out of whack?

What is Your Thyroid and is It Out of Whack?

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Could your thyroid be the culprit of why you feel out of sorts?