Calm the Dog Days of Summer with Ayurveda

The dog days of summer are upon us.  Here in Lebanon it is hot and sticky and all I want to eat is watermelon and gazpacho. This is Pitta season according to Ayurveda and I am a Pitta-Vata in body and a Vata-Pitta in mind so look out…
Matsyasana fish pose

Yoga for Thyroid:: Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

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Yoga heals all types of body dysfunction bringing it back into balance.

Balance Fall Vata Imbalances with Yoga

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These three poses (and a bit of eye candy) as shown by Yogi Cameron will calm your Vata imbalances and keep you grounded.

15 Facts to Love about Your Breath

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“The True Man breathes with his heels; the mass of men breathe with their throats” By Taoist philosopher Chuang Tzu