In A View from the Kitchen I expressed a great concern in the very word “diet”, basically wanting to tear out my hair at the number of clients who are looking for the fastest way to drop pounds even if it means following the most asinine and even harmful diet plans available. When I saw this infographic (and understand I do not agree wholeheartedly with some of the conclusions drawn by the dieticians’ reviews) I thought it was a fairly good breakdown of the pros and cons of the more successful DIEts out there.
Let me go on record now at saying there are numerous reasons people gain and hold weight. It is NOT just calories in/calories out and exercise. Gluten and wheat sensitivies, autoimmune factors, thyroid factors, chemical sensitivities and insulin resistance are just a few of the myriad of reasons one can be overweight or obese and the simplicity in which some of these diet plans boil down how to lose weight generally sickens me. Get thee to a holistic nutritionist, I say. If you must follow a book, at least take a look at the breakdown of the ones here before you go out and spend your hard earned money and waste your well earned time on something that, at best, may not help, and at worst, may cause irreparable harm!

The Great Diet Debate

Wishing you balance and peace,

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  1. Becky Jane
    Becky Jane says:

    I’m not one to follow any given ‘diet’. I prefer learning all I can about nutrition and especially gathering great information from blogs like yours, then I can work with what I’ve learned and see what can help my body be the best it can be.


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