Matsyasana fish pose

Yoga is incredibly balancing for all types of body dysfunction. There is a pose for every process. The Matsyasana or “fish pose” is one example of how powerfully and profoundly yoga can help heal and balance the entire body.
Matsyana is a pose involving a back bend that opens chest, neck and shoulder muscles. Back bends are helpful in relieving back pain from sitting all day at your desk or in your car. Matsyasana and its gentle variations increase spinal flexibility and improve your posture. These poses are a great for nourishing the digestive tract and increasing metabolism as a result of the stimulation of the thyroid. They also open up space for your heart, both physically and energetically.
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Matsyasana Fish Pose


Matsyana for beginners::

*Grab a blanket and come to a comfortable seated position.
*Roll the blanket to make bolster… fold it into a large rectangle, then roll the blanket tightly making a tight roll.

  • *Place one end of the roll at the sacrum area behind you.


  • *Slowly lower yourself down lining the spine up with the length of the blanket.
  • *Keep the knees up to reduce the work of the abdomen if you have weak abdominals.
  • *Slowly move onto your elbows and then fully rest into the blanket. If you have neck injuries or neck pain make sure the neck and head are fully supported by the blanket. If your blanket does not reach you can move it up from the lower back until it does. If you have no issues with your neck it will benefit you to stimulate  the thyroid and parathyroid by tilting the neck back slightly. This can be worked into gradually over time. Never rush tilting the neck.  The goal is to eventually be able to do a back bend and rest on the crown of your head but this is for advanced practitioners.
  • *Finally, extend the arms out from the shoulders in a T shape, in complete surrender or rest the hands on thighs.
  • *This is a gentler variation of Matsyasana so feel free to hold it a bit longer than typical poses.
  • *When holding the pose longer you should take our time coming out. Start by extending your arms overhead and lingering here.
  • *Next, roll onto your right side using your arm as a pillow.
  • *Bring your legs in to a comfortable fetal posture.
  • *With as little effort as possible, use your hands to come to a seated position.
  • fish pose
  • For more advanced practitioners:
  • *Try this pose in padmaasana or “Lotus pose”, without the use of the blanket, resting on the crown of the head, chest lifted.  Hold position for 30-60 seconds.
  • *While in back bend, reach down, grab your big toes and pull gently, increasing the stretch.
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