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Hello and welcome

Let’s face it.  Healthcare, as we know it, is broken. Doctors are overloaded to the point where they can’t listen to what we are really experiencing and are still trying to treat our symptoms rather than the root causes.  What if you had concierge access to wellness when you need it?

Elan Wellness Solutions are healing-oriented rather than disease-oriented and offer a holistic functional approach  with cutting-edge wellness care. Our approach requires we support the whole person and eliminate not only symptoms, but also the root cause of any health concerns. 

We treat every client with the utmost care and respect and formulate a wellness plan designed specifically for them and their concerns.

About me

I empower you to reclaim your whole health through an integrative approach of non-invasive but powerful methods and the most recent scientific advances in regenerative medicine.

What I can do for you

Menu & Meal Planning

Highly customized menu planning tailored to your treatment plan and health goals.

Weight Loss

Individual nutrition, workout, and habits based programs to help you shed weight and keep it off!

Integrative health

Your body systems are interconnected so why shouldn’t your treatment plan be? No health issue is too complex to figure out.

Detox Solutions

Heavy metals, “dirty hormones”, obesogenic toxins, and more can be effectively detoxed helping Autoimmune disorders, Latent Viruses and much more.

Neutraceutical Plans

Prudent short-term pharmaceutical-grade supplement plans tailored to your specific treatment plans or health goals.

Body/Mind Rebalancing

Without a powerful vibrational mindset, profound healing and you reaching your health goals cannot occur.

Think about this!

Elan Wellness Solutions is proactive in reducing bio-markers, risk factors and supporting acute to degenerative health conditions through nutraceuticals, diet, exercise, and stress management.

Jacqueline’s current areas of focus are: optimizing body composition, intestinal barrier function, neurobiology, Lyme, modulating cellular immune response, and decreasing pro-inflammatory cytokines. She is well versed in the dynamics and multitudes of Alternative Medicine. Jacqueline welcomes and is open to business opportunities to assist in expanding her scope of expertise.

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Are you ready to embrace your wellness on a profound level?  If you are willing to dig into the root beyond the root and do the work it takes to be well, contact me below and let’s see how we can best work together.