All living organisms require water for at least part of their ability to function.  Humans require water to cleanse, detoxify, and nourish cells that are required in every bio-chemical process in our bodies.  It’s that important!  Most of us not only don’t drink enough water in our day to day lives, but deplete our hydration levels even further with too much coffee or alcohol.  Many of us eat low-quality, nutrient-poor, bad-quality high-sodium foods, or drink sodas full of phosphorous and toxins that further tip the balance towards dehydration.

The good news is that fruits, vegetables, soups, and some teas contribute to our hydration quotient.  If you absolutely can’t stand plain water, making fruit and herb water can encourage you to drink much more than you might normally consider.  You might be confused at how much you should be drinking.  8 glasses? 3 liters?  My answer is there is no real “quota” on how much is enough.  My gauge is if I am not thirsty, my eyes are clear, and my urine is colorless (or very pale) and odorless, I am drinking enough.  If I feel a little low, blue, achy, or tired, I immediately go and get a glass of water.  If I am hungry, I drink water first.  Often hunger is actually thirst in disguise.   I do drink about 3 liters a day.  Your activity level, climate, and personal needs may vary.

So what are the top reasons to drink more water?  Here are our top 10 reasons to drink more water today:

  1. Gives you clear, glowing skin. When your body is properly hydrated your skin will always look younger. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes skin and increase the elasticity in your skin. It also flushes toxins from the body, taking the load off skin as the primary way to detox.
  2. Weight Loss: Drinking water is one of the top ways to effectively balance weight. When fat is broken down due to cleansing, diet, and exercise, it is released from the fat cells.  Water flushes it out of the body. Drinking water can also reduce hunger and acts as an appetite suppressant so you’ll naturally eat less. Water has also has zero calories.  Making fruit water concoctions is a great way to boost your water intake.
  3.  Boosts metabolism and aids in detox and cleansing: Water carries oxygen, nutrients, hormones, etc. via blood  and flushes  toxins, dead cells and other waste material. The proteins and enzymes involved in various fundamental bio-chemical processes also require water in order to properly function.  All that boosting of metabolic functions also contribute to weight loss in #2.
  4. Natural Remedy for Headaches and Migraines: Water helps relieve headaches and back pains which are sometimes caused by dehydration. Before you take an ibuprofein, reach for a glass of water.
  5.  Boost immune system and feel healthier: Drinking plenty of water helps fights those nasty summer colds and  flu,  flushes kidney stones, and even helps in preventing heart attack. Water helps keep the body at optimal pH level which contributes to a general feeling of energetic wellness.
  6. Be more productive: Your brain is made up of 75% water so drinking more can improve your productivity at work and home.  When properly hydrated, your mental clarity increases. Some dymentias associated with growing old are actually linked to chronic dehydration.
  7. Build strong bones. According the the Linus Pauling Foundation, women who stay well hydrated have a dramatically decreased risk of osteoporosis and hip fractures.  This could be attributed to the levels of trace elements such as magnesium, boron, and naturally occurring calcium needed for strong bones.
  8. Fight depression and lift mood.  Drinking water and staying hydrated can help in salt and electrolyte balance which is a first line treatment for adrenal fatigue sufferers.  Depression and fatigue has been linked to chronic dehydration. The magnesium in most spring waters and clean city tap waters is a natural anti-depressant.
  9. Helps ease problem digestion and constipation.  Drinking water boosts your metabolism therefore helping your digestive system work properly.  Those that eat a high-fiber diet (or conversely a no-fiber diet) without drinking enough water know that this equals no movement in the bathroom.  Eating high quality, high-fiber grains like quinoa, or millet along with drinking plenty of water can ensure escape from constipation.
  10. Relieve fatigue and boost energy.   When your body is well hydrated, the cells are happy.  The toxins are flushed from the body, everything is running smoothly.  Your joints and muscles are properly lubricated.  Water is the ultimate cure to make you healthy, happy, and energetic.

Remember, smoothies like our Blue Monster Booster Smoothie,  fruits and vegetable juices like our Supercharged V-12  and soups like our Cleansing Classic Gazpacho all contribute to your daily water quotient.

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  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    I have problems with several of these … nah, all of them. Sounds like I need to drink more water. Thanks for the post. Good reminders.

  2. mary
    mary says:

    Great article and I can certainly testify that a glass of water can sometimes alleviate a headache (not always, depends on the cause, but if the headache is down to dehydration and many are) then a glass of water will do the trick nicely.
    Currently, I’m training in Bowen therapy (a hands on bodywork therapy that works on the connective tissue) and we are advised to advise our clients to drink plenty water after the treatment (and in general) because it keeps this connective tissue moist and slippery – the way it’s supposed to be. If the body dries out through de-hydration this tissue can’t stretch to accomodate movement and we end up getting stiff and getting aches and pains as well as feeling sluggish. That connective tissue that Bowen works on is responsible for keeping all our organs and muscles etc in the correct place which keeps the body aligned and healthy so it’s crucial to lubricate them. We don’t need to drink gallons, but sipping regularly throughout the day is definitely a good idea.

  3. nando
    nando says:

    it’s really a complete article. I prefer to drink isotonic water, fruits juice and foods with sauce of water instead drinking water only. beside to prevent us from dehydration, these also give nutrients and energies to our body…


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