30-days of journaling

Here at The Detox Diva we are doing something different this year!  In 2016 I have decided to challenge myself to try something new and positive for 30 days at a time.  In these 30 days I will decide whether that challenge will become a part of my daily rituals or it will be something that was maybe a positive addition that is fun but not a part of my own formula.

I decided to include you, my beloved readers, clients, and friends in on this challenge.  I am calling it the “DD 30-Day Challenge”.  

For me, journaling is already part of my daily formula and it has changed my life.  I journal to set up my day so that it elegantly unfolds the way I desire, any challenges that I am facing, triumphs, new ideas, you name it, it goes in my journal.  

Journaling can be extremely therapeutic perspective in even the most mundane issues in life and can often provide immediate clarity; that “AHA moment” that might be eluding you at any given moment.   I know many times when I start to journal a problem I am having the solution to the issue might just jump off the page.  Even if that doesn’t happen, journaling expresses and releases the emotional attachment I have allowing the problem to unravel more effortlessly.

Many of the issues we perceive as problems are made more challenging by our own fears and emotions and taking a step back and writing it all out somehow takes the emotional charge out of things allowing us to see things much more clearly.

Winter is a season of reflection and journaling is the perfect way to change your life for good. Will you join our 30-Day Journaling Challenge?  Instagram photos of your #TDD30DayChallenge and we’ll regram your photos throughout the month.  

Have you ever tried to mix up your routine? Have you done a similar personal challenge? What did you discover about yourself and setting goals?

Wishing you health, wellness, & beauty,



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  1. Shannon severance
    Shannon severance says:

    I am taking the challenge! I live journaling and have been lazy about it the last few months. Getting back into it this new year! Thanks Jacqueline you always seem to nail what it is I am needing when I need it!


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