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Bra bulge, bra spillage, angel wings, no matter what you may call yours, it all boils down to one word; BACK FAT! Let’s face it ladies (and gents, listen up too!) when we gain weight, and I am not talking about the five pounds you put on during the holidays, in periods of stress, pregnancy, or hormonal changes like peri, pre, or all out menopause, it’s something you notice one day when you put on your favorite bra, backless dress or cute summer top. I noticed it during my pregnancy with my triplets.  It was not a fun challenge to overcome when fitting into all those evening gowns during wedding season here in Lebanon.

So what causes back fat?

In both men and women it is a blood sugar handling issue or insulin resistance, ( meaning, most likely, high insulin) even to a small degree.  Because insulin plays a role in the disposition and status of hormones, it also means, for women, it can be high testosterone.  It also means, for both men and women, an inability to tolerate carbs!  

What does  that mean in layman’s terms?  Well, if you are eating a “healthy” diet of whole grains or a not so healthy diet of processed food like substances, it is NOT doing your back any favors.  Oh and ladies, please understand that if you have high insulin or other blood sugar handling issues then you probably have, at least, secondary estrogen dominance which further exacerbates the problem.

This brings us to a few things you can do to eradicate back fat.

Back fat blaster #1

You’ve got to move it move it.  (Sorry, too much Madagascar!)  Seriously, you have to raise your metabolism by moving your backside.   While I don’t recommend hard cardio if you have a stressed metabolism (and you have a stressed metabolism if you have unbalanced hormones and/or blood sugar handling issues)  I do recommend HIIT workouts.  HIIT (which I will be discussing in a future post) stands for High Intensity Interval Training, where you push your body for short bursts and let your body recover slightly before pushing again.  This raises the metabolism, increasing it so much that it burns fat for up to 24 hours after you are done working out, without stressing it.  Things like doing  jumping jacks for 2 minutes and then switching to lunges or even marching in place are examples of HIIT.  

Back fat blaster #2

Hone your Warrior 1 and your arabesque.  Yoga and ballet are helpful in strength training and they improve posture. Good posture makes back fat less noticeable so this is a very good thing to have in your back pocket as you are melting away your problem areas.  Both yoga and ballet are also powerful at burning fat without damaging the metabolism.  They are also supremely relaxing while being an effective mode of exercise.  

Back fat blaster #3

 While we are on the subject of exercise, specific strength training that target lats, abs, shoulders and obliques all are responsible for creating a beautiful and sleek back.  Strong muscle groups also help enforce good posture along with the fact that more muscle tone aids in fat burning which means muscle will inevitably replace fat.

Back fat blaster #4

None of the above fat back blasters will work long-term unless you get your blood  sugar handling issues/insulin/hormones back into balance and doing what they are meant to do.  Eating a lower carb diet will help as well as eating nutrient dense foods including lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables and healthy proteins.  Eating on a schedule will help normalize your blood sugar levels and keeping your leptin  in check by not eating too late at night (yet making sure you are not going to bed starving by eating something small containing protein before bed) and eating as soon as you feel hungry in the morning.  Getting help from a professional nutritionist to help design the perfect eating and lifestyle plan based on what is going on with you as an individual can be  invaluable not only in banishing back fat but balancing health and finding your way to vibrant health.

 Feel free to contact me to schedule a wellness consultation to design a lifestyle plan that will guarantee dramatic results.

Back fat blaster #5

Fashion is your friend.  Ok, it’s not really a fat back blasting technique but using the right fashion really can help you feel better while you are on your wellness journey.  Wearing bras that are too tight can cause the wrong kind of compression, leaving lines and even bigger bulges.  Wearing a waist cinching compression garment or “faja”  makes you look better in your clothes and can help detoxify through perspiration which can help fat loss.  My Brazilian girlfriends turned me on to wearing one after the birth of my triplets and I found it helped me return to my post-pregnancy shape quickly.  

Don’t underestimate the power of dressing for your shape.  If you do have back fat you are working on banishing, too tight tops may not be the best choice.  Choose silks and chiffon in the summer and cashmere and wool  in the winter that skim the body without hugging it to camouflage your bulgy bits until you are confident enough to bare all again!  

What are your favorite ways to banish back fat?

Wishing you health, beauty and elegance,


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