Jacqueline Aaland

It’s time to get your life back!

When we aren’t healthy; feeling sick, weak and broken, or even lost, we lose sight of ourselves, feeling lost or maybe even that our freedom–our very ability to create the bliss we truly desire in our lives is missing. We may not even know what feeling successful looks like anymore. We have lost touch with who we are at our very core. Dysfunction and dis-ease take over every aspect of your life- body, mind, and soul.  

I understand how you feel. I understand you are tired. You don’t feel like you in your own skin. You may live with feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, fear, and frustration. I understand you’ve lost hope. You’ve been let down before. Maybe you have tried so many different directions you just don’t know where to turn anymore.  

I also know deep down inside your soul, you want to get better. No, I know you want to BE better. You want to improve your life. You want to heal. You have a deep desire to move forward and reclaim your life again.  (Or even get somewhere new, different and even better than you ever thought possible!)

You need the tools to be able to regain control and get your life back to where you believe it was meant to be all this time.  

My philosophy

You can think of me as your greatest ally; a truly sophisticated expert on your journey to your high frequency, thriving, sexy, successful long long life.

Women like us, are very blessed. We find ourselves in a time in human history, in a consciousness paradigm where we can truly have it ALL and give ALL of ourselves. We have full freedom to self-express and to self-actualize. We are here to take our talents to the highest level and be of true impact in the world. Our voice & our presence is critical in this ascending stage of humanity. These are exponential times!

Who am I?

Hello Beauty!

I am a clinical nutritionist, integrative wellness specialist, intuitive, transformational coach, and CEO of Elan Wellness Solutions.

I created this website for anyone who struggles with their health and has lost their direction as a result.  When you lose your health and your way simply popping a pill or “going on a diet” is rarely enough.  It is my philosophy that your entire lifestyle impacts your well-being, and I, therefore, employ both an intuitive and integrative approach to all of my offerings.

You see, I have always had intuitive gifts. From the time I was 7 telling my grandfather he had “blood” problems to the time I was 22 in a Korean bath house telling an old woman that she was suffering from congestive heart failure (and being able to lay my hands across her heart chakra helping her regain consciousness and get to a doctor where, indeed, she was diagnosed an enlarged heart and given treatment), I have always used these gifts to help people know what they didn’t know in their lives and make healthier more constructive choices.

I didn’t learn to value my own wellness until it was taken away from me. When I was in my late 20s, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. While it was a huge shock, I also knew that something had to be wrong. Why? I was putting on weight, constantly frazzled, and frequently sick. At the time, I had also been working 80 plus hours per week (hello, politics!), going on late night McDonald’s runs and more vodka infused Happy Hours than I could shake a stick at.

Lucky for me, my breast cancer was detected early.

I learned so much from going through treatment. I lived on my own in Washington, DC. I had forgotten the basics of self-care. Had I really ever known the importance of self-care? 

Clearly, I didn’t know how to take care of myself.  I meant to change that…immediately. Thus began my journey into nutrition and Integrative health.

My breast cancer was estrogen positive which means I had actually done something to contribute to its formation.  This knowledge formed a passion for finding the relationship between biochemistry and ultimate health.

I learned my lesson…until I forgot.

In order to discover your most vibrant, joyful, and healthy life, you must pay attention and care for yourself in every aspect.


You can create a new soul-centered reality brimming with vibrance, abundant success and joyful bliss! My mission is to help women to get and stay healthy, for life. Let’s design your best health today!


Just four years later, I was cancer-free but again, thought I was bullet-proof and again burning the candle at both ends. I came down with a case of “mono” (an illness caused by the Epstein Barr Virus) that sidelined me for 4 months! Slowly, my weight crept back up, and my thyroid became swollen. One night, my facialist, while massaging my neck, told me that my thyroid was really swollen. I had no idea what that meant but off I went to the doctor. After multiple tests, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune disorder that stems from the gut. It happens when the body attacks its own healthy thyroid tissue. Treatment required having surgery to remove half of my thyroid, which had disintegrated as a result of this increasingly common disease.

I was scared out of my mind! This sparked a renewed intensity towards training in clinical nutrition, biochemistry and transformational coaching as well as in quantum medicine and revival of using my own intuitive gifts in healing a person with a focus on making them whole again. Not just in body but in mind and spirit.

I’ve collected 3 advanced degrees, including a DSc. in clinical nutrition, so you can call and multiple certifications. I am a Functional Medicine practitioner, a Clinical Nutritionist, a Biochemist, a Quantum “New” Medicine specialist, Reiki Master, Theta Healing Master, EMDR and Hypnotherapy practitioner, and much much more. I help women tackle healing on all levels.

I recovered fully. I am still not immune to life’s punches when it comes to my health. I moved to Qatar after living in London, met a man, got married, and settled down. While in the middle of writing my biochemistry doctoral thesis and one night after several bottles of wine later…  “Surprise, we’re pregnant!”  A few weeks later it was “Surprise! It’s triplets!”.

We settled down in Lebanon so I could run my business and three years later we lost one of our wee baby girls. Of course, this meant I had to be even more vigilant with my health making sure I eat right, sleep properly and maintaining my spiritual practice. It was not easy to get through this.  I can’t say I don’t still have my bad days. Even through my sadness and grief, I had to maintain my health to be a mommy for my other children, a wife to my husband and a healer for my clients.

I know you are tired and confused and think nobody understands where you are in life.  

I understand. I see you and I am here to support you in your quest to not only reclaim your health but your joyful bliss and soul centered purpose!