Why I love ouishave

Who doesn’t want silky stubble free gams worthy of wearing shorts to yoga class? For me, I think I tried every method of hair removal out there.  

First up the endless stream of razors with their ever increasing numbers of blades.  More must be better, right?  In my case, not so much.  The more blades, the worse the razor burn, ingrown hairs, and decisively not smooth legs.  I tried Gillette, Schick, Venus, Jupiter and Mars…nothing made it better.  (I found out later this is because there is a conspiracy from the razor companies to get us to buy as many razors or replacement blades as possible and, to keep us coming back for more, they do things like make them in pretty colors, with as many or more blades as the guys and they even built the shaving cream right into the strip to ensure we need to buy tons of moisturizer afterwards because of all the crap in the strip….and so it goes…)

Oh and I’d like to point out that women’s razors are at LEAST three times as expensive as the boys’.  If you think about how much the razors cost, they are about $14.  They used to have three or four blades to get you started.  Now you are lucky to get one replacement.  Refills are going to set you back $9 for four (used to be six) and you will need one at least every week because there is no way you are getting three days out of a shave unless you are very lucky and have thin fine hair and unless you live in the desert, the humidity dulls cheap blades.  If you use those throwaway razors it’s $14 for four and you WILL be needing a new one every time you shave!  Those things are no biodegradable either so imagine how many of those little plastic sticks end up in the landfills.

I don’t like chemical depilatories because the idea of burning the hair off my body.  Anything that has the ability to do that is doing all kinds of damage to the edocrine system.  Ladies, endocrine disruption is no laughing matter.  

Waxing leaves me cold.  First, there’s the three weeks of stubble it takes to even get waxed then, as soon as I am waxed, three days later, I am dealing with that ugly “baby bird” hair that has me counting down to my next wax.

Lasers are expensive and decisively NOT permanent.  Sorry, they aren’t.  I have had my legs lasered.  MAYBE they are moderately finer but there has definitely never been a time (even after a round of 12 medical grade sessions) when I have been hair free. I’ve never been wooly either.

So what’s a girl who wants silky stems to do?  

She goes old school with a luxurious twist!  That’s what she does!  


Ouishave came along and changed the way I remove hair for good.  These are not your husbands’ razors.  The gold plated “Carrie” and the chrome plated “Samantha” are gorgeous, and built to last. (What is not to adore about this clever nod to the “Sex and the City” minxes?)  This truly will be the last razor you have to buy!   The razor (and the replacement blades that go with them) was designed and are manufactured in Germany which is known for their quality craftsmanship and with the way a woman shaves in mind.  Weight, balance,( the handle is lighter and the head heavier) the blade and even angle were all considered in designing this work of shaving art.

Don’t let the single blade scare you off and unwash your brain in thinking you need more than this.  Those five blades are not doing anything more than contributing to razor burn.

Karen Young, founder of Ouishave, who got the idea for a razor that actually works for women from a nasty case of razor burn and an embarrassing salon experience while getting a mani-pedi, explains it like this.

“What we’ve come to know as razor burn is actually a result of excess blades raking over our skin, after the first blade has removed the hair, dead skin cells, and the shaving cream. Ingrown hairs are caused by the hair being pulled up by the first blade, with the remaining blades cutting so that the hair dives below the skin. Our skin acts quickly to heal, a normal response to trauma, quickly sealing up the damaged follicles, and resulting in inflammation.”

The fact is, that single blade works in a few different miraculous ways.  You don’t need to apply any kind of pressure (which you would not think based on the fact that it is a single blade razor), rather just rest the razor against your skin and pull.  No more going back over the area again and again.  That alone makes these razors worth their weight in gold.  The little bonus comes over the next six weeks as your hair starts to grow out evenly instead of at 50 different times thanks to five different blades cutting the hairs under the skin at varying lengths.  This means your shaves actually really do last longer because you cut all the hair at once at the same length.  

But there is more to this story than just this luxuriously effective razor.  The oil that comes in the set (in heavenly Neroli or sensual Santal) makes all the difference in sexy smooth legs long after the shave is over.

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Karen goes on to explain.

“The role of our shave oil is two-fold: to achieve the best shave, and to repair the skin. Shaving is, in essence, a scraping of the skin. We’ve long rushed through this process, but it’s an opportunity to treat and heal our skin while it’s vulnerable. When we bathe, our pores are open, and our skin and hair softens, taking in everything we put in it, from shaving foams to soaps. Our shave oil is designed to create a barrier between the blade and skin, but also to soak in and serve as a treatment, by toning and hydrating, after shaving. We recommend doing it at the end of the shower and leaving it either by itself, or as a base under lotion to treat dehydrated skin.”

While I do moisturize after my shower and shave, I have found that I really don’t need to because the oil keeps my legs moisturized for up to a day after use.   I don’t honestly know if the oil contributes to a closer shave but it is a divine experience to use it so, in my view, a necessary companion for my razor from now on.  I LOVE both scents too, so if I am shaving during the day, it’s the Neroli for me, but if I am taking a bath at night and plan on shaving, I clamor for the Santal.

The Carrie is for stunners under 5″5′ while the Samantha is for taller leggier beauties.  I opted for the Samantha being 5”7′ myself (though I really did want the gold plated one!) and I can’t get over how I ever shaved before Ouishave.  

For those who aren’t quite ready for a single bladed safety razor or if you are looking to carry on your razor for a holiday in the sun, there is the Charlotte, a twin blade that, although I have never tried it, promises to get every bit as close of a shave in a more familiar shape for most women.  I think I might buy this for the times when I give my three day Paris or London seminar and I carry my luggage rather than checking (you can’t carry on razor blades!).

Don’t let the price tag fool you!  At $75 for the Samantha and $90 for the Carrie (both with 4 blades and replacement blades can be bought for a song!) this truly is the last razor you will ever buy!  Considering I bought three different razors in a year before this discovery and $15 a piece plus countless numbers of replacement blades for them, this is surely a case of quality over quantity, spend a little more now and a LOT less later!!  

Get yours at Ouishave.



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