[sws_frames_custom imageurl=”https://elanwellnesssolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Balance-Vata.jpg” imagealign=”sws_none” imagesize=”” imagemaxheight=”” lightbox=”1″ album=”album” video=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNtO5Z3kjGk” borderwidth=”0″ borderstyle=”” bordercolor=”” borderpadding=”0″ imgbackgroundcolor=”ffffff” borderradius=”0″ shadow=”0″ shadowcolor=”333333″] [/sws_frames_custom] In Ayurveda, Fall, with its dry, cool qualities, is a time of Vata  irrespective of your actual constitution or dosha. In simple terms this means that, in order to keep your health balanced you must adjust your eating to more warming grounding foods, and begin to calm your activities down to prepare yourself for the cooler, “hibernating” months.

If you are paying attention to eating seasonally you will notice more earthy root vegetables, pumpkin, very dark leafy greens, and heavier fruits begin to be in season.  These are precisely the foods that ground you, warm you, create a bit of moisture in your body, exactly what is needed to keep Vata in check.  Vata, when left unchecked, is the source of those nasty coughs and colds that develop around this time of year.

Bear in mind if you are overweight you will still want to follow a partly Kapha diet but add warming Vata foods to the mix.  You will also want to stay more active in keeping with a Kapha lifestyle.  If you have a Pitta imbalance or live in an environment where it is still very hot you will still want to maintain a slightly Pitta diet  until Vata type foods become available seasonally in your area.

A wonderful reader of mine turned me onto a man named Yogi Cameron, a model turned Ayurvedic lifestyle expert.  (And a really nice bit of eye candy too!)  I resonate to a lot of what he says and it lines up perfectly with my own training.  Because yoga is so much a part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, indeed it should be an integral part of any healthy lifestyle, when I found this video with Yogi Cameron doing vata balancing postures I had to post them.

I myself, being a Vata, and now pregnant (a huge time for Vata), do these postures to keep myself balanced.  Abhyanga (with sesame or almond oil)  and Pranayama are also practices to integrate during this Vata time.

Wishing you peace and balance.  Namaste!


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  1. Becky Jane
    Becky Jane says:

    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. Motherhood has been my most fulfilling experience.

    Secondly, I’m having trouble adjusting to the fall changes and what I need to be eating. I feel like a hungry bear that needs to eat everything in sight because of the upcoming hibernation…very frustrating.

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      Becky Jane, if you feel like a hungry bear, congratulations, you are nearly where you need to be…. Making adjustments here and there with seasonal foods is exactly what you need to be feeling!!


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