A carrot a day

A carrot a day really does keep the doctor away.  It’s also the simplest and least expensive to balance all the lovely hormones in your body.  Yep, you heard that right.  All this from a carrot.  Well, a carrot, some coconut oil, and some Celtic Sea Salt.

A medium sized raw carrot, (or several baby carrots, but I prefer the organic ones with the skin on) eaten daily can lower anti-thyroid and inflammatory substances, and supports detoxification pathways in the the GI tract and liver in order to clear estrogen and  other endotoxins.  This is a boon for women (and men) with estrogen dominance, thyroid issues, insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome, adrenal fatigue, and inflammation or immune issues.

Raw carrots (and, incidentally, bamboo shoots, good for those who love Chinese food) contain highly unique fibers that don’t encourage bacteria growth in the GI tract, which means they lower inflammation. These fibers also  bind to and eliminate excess (or used) hormones like estrogen,  help in lowering serotonin levels (which kicks into high gear to counter stress but gets out of control quickly) and histamine (immune responses), which in turn lower the body’s need to produce cortisol ( the catabolic stress hormone).The process increases the body’s ability to use progesterone and testosterone effectively. These fibers are often likened to having the same toxin binding effects as charcoal.  (Think of having to get your stomach pumped.  They use charcoal in this process to suck up the toxins.)

So, let’s make sure you got that right.  A carrot a day can balance your hormones!!   Grated length wise (use a vegetable peeler…it’s easier) , the amazing effects of the fiber are enhanced.  If this is all too much to think about doing though, eat the carrot, whole, dipped in a little celtic sea salt and have a coconut oil chaser.

This salad (or carrot) is best eaten on its own, without food and preferably before midday.  It doesn’t have the same effects when eaten with a meal and can even lead to hypoglycemia in some people as it will slow the absorption of nutrients from other foods (raw carrot fibers can inhibit the absorption of certain minerals if eaten with other foods).

So here’s how simple it is to balance all your hormones:


1 medium carrot, washed and preferably organic (grated lengthways with a vegetable peeler)

A splash of raw apple cider vinegar (increases hydrochloric acid in the stomach which boosts digestion and is anti-microbial to boot)

1-2 tsp coconut oil, melted ( lowers the need for Vitamin E, and reduces the toxicity of the unsaturated fats, boosting effective respiration, improving thyroid and progesterone production, and carried into the intestine by the carrot fiber, suppresses bacterial growth while stimulating healing of the wall of the intestine.

Celtic Sea saltkey in lowering adrenalin, aldosterone and serotonin, steadies blood-sugar, hydrates, increases metabolic rate, important source of minerals)

A carrot a day really does keep the doctor away!!!


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  1. mary
    mary says:

    This is music to my ears because I LOVE carrots, especially raw carrot. I love them in any and every way really. Carrots rule OK so happy to know how good for you they are! Thanks for the info!


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