TCM and Dampness
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TCM and Treating Dampness in the Body

TCM and Dampness Issues With Spring all around us and seasonal allergies sidelining many of my patients, clients and readers I figured it was time to talk about a concept in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that is near and dear to my heart…
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What's the Deal with MTHFR? And Why Should I Care?

Unless you've been living in a cave in the Galapagos for the last 3 years, you've probably heard the letters MTHFR being bandied about in the wellness stratosphere but this can all be very confusing unless you have a PhD. in Genomics.  It…
Do you need a detox?
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What is a Detox and Do You Need One?

Detox seems to be on everybody's mind as the holiday season's excesses are already being seen on our waistlines and the new year looms large with the promises of a new start! The detoxification process is the body's natural, ongoing process…
milk thistle tea
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Estrogen Dominance and Liver Detox

You all know by now how much I love talking about the powerful effects too much estrogen has on the body.  Estrogen dominance, for women, causes so many symptoms including PMS symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, heavy bleeding and…
Toxic Cold Season:: What’s Really in NyQuil?-9197
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Toxic Cold Season:: What's Really in NyQuil?

I remember taking Nyquil a child.  Oh how I loathed the shots of mysterious green liquid and hated, even more, the headaches that ensued the next day. Years later, still reaching for Nyquil for every fall and summer cold, still suffering…
Pathways to Detox Pt. 4:: Phase II Whats and Hows-9194
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Pathways to Detox Pt. 4:: Phase II Whats and Hows

I never thought I would be one of those writers that did long "series" but let's face it; liver detoxification is a seriously complex issue.  I started to write all the explanations of what the various conjugation pathways did yesterday…
Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 3:: Phase II-9180
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Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 3:: Phase II

Well my beauties, I am finally continuing my series on how liver detoxification.  I began this series after about the 50th company came and asked me to try their "miracle" liver cleanser, potion, and/or tea.  I decided it was time…
Role of liver in metabolism
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Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 2

In Pathways to Detox Pt. 1 we talked about cytochrome P450 enzymes and their role in liver detox pathway I. Detox pathway I is an "conversion" phase, meaning it generally converts something from a fat soluble toxin…
liver detox pathways chart
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The Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 1

Every day I must get a dozen questions about the best way to "detox" the body.  I expect it, even welcome it.  After all, I AM The Detox Diva.  People want to know the best products work to detox their bodies.  More often…
5 Diet Myths Debunked
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5 Popular Diet Myths Debunked

We are taking a look at the most popular dietary theories and busting down the walls, revealing the truth!