buckwheat risotto
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Anti-aging Recipe: Buckwheat Mushroom Risotto

I don't know about you but at this point in Winter, I am ready for Spring sunlight, clothing, and definitely food.  I'm tired of the starchy dishes.  I'm tired of the meaty dishes.  I'm simply tired of all the heaviness and truly…
Eating With Intention Sales Page
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Want to Eat More Mindfully? Join Our Free Breakfast Experiment

As we move into our "Eating with Intention" Mindful Eating 4-week telecourse a lot of my clients are wondering how to really narrow down what foods are good for their specific body types and health status.   Many of my readers and…
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7 Day Body Makeover Diet

It's bikini season and time for a body makeover with nutrient dense foods (and a bonus exercise guide to follow!!). Whittle your waistline and supercharge your energy all in this 7 day plan.    DAY 1 Breakfast: Mocha smoothie. To…
Is Nutrition Enough
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Why Nutrition Is Not Only About Food

Are nutrition guidelines enough? Have you followed the standard government health advice, whether it's the USDA Food Pyramid or NHS's Eatwell plate or your particular governmental recommendations and thought you were eating "healthy"?  Have…
cooking at home challenge

Cooking at Home: The DD 30 Day Challenge

Wow, it's amazing how one can totally drop the ball when you are juggling a business, Springtime activities, and a growing family.  I made a commitment to The DD 30-Day Challenge and totally forgot to get the February (or even early March)…
the skinny on adaptogens
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The Skinny on Adaptogens

In these days of stress and our "go go go" lifestyles oftentimes we need a little help to make it over the hurdles.   We all know the power of eating a high quality nutrient dense diet full of vegetables, fruits, pastured, high quality…
why the media should stay out of Nutrition
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Coke Causes Insanity : Why the Media Should Stay Out of Nutrition Hype

I believe the media needs to stay the hell out of educating (or mis-educating) the public...   Total geek out alert!  This is going to be VERY science-y.   Ok, so you all know that I tend to bristle when the media…
bye bye clean eating get dirty with real food
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Bye Bye Clean Eating. Get Dirty with Real Food!

Click Here to Download Audio Real Food vs. Clean Eating Seriously? A nutritionist that doesn't talk about clean eating?!!! What is she smoking?? I loathe the words "clean eating". (This goes double for the term "whole foods" of which I…
5 reasons to stop fearing fructose
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5 Reasons You Should Stop Fearing Fructose

  Stop fearing fructose! Nearly every day someone asks me if they should be cutting fruit out from their diet because they have heard that fructose is addictive, fattening, poisonous or- my favorite argument- causes fatty liver.  These…
food sensitivity
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Chronic Fatigue? It Could Be a Food Sensitivity

4 Signs You Might Have a Food Sensitivity When it comes to food allergies, making a diagnosis is pretty black and white. The typical allergic reaction occurs immediately after you ingest a certain food, and the symptoms—often a rash, hives,…