the dark side of coffee beans
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The Dark Side of Coffee

Are health experts right or wrong about the negative health impact of coffee?
4 Problems with Protein Powder
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4 Problems with Protein Powder

Why I believe you should pass on protein powder.
Why I am sick of Dr. Oz
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Why I am Sick of Dr. Oz

Why I want to throw something heavy at the TV every time I see Doctor Oz.
Is there more to organic
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Why Organic Is Not Enough

Does the label "organic" automatically mean that a food is healthy?
the dark side of stevia
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The Dark Side of Stevia

With stevia cropping up in everything from baked goods to sodas, not knowing its very real downside can be downright dangerous to your long term health.
healthy oils and fats
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The Skinny on Oils and Fats

A great infographic on healthy oils.

Sugar:: Friend or Foe?

Jumping on the 'no sugar' bandwagon may be short sighted. Find out why.
Gelatin your body's best friend
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Gelatine:: The Other Superfood

Find out how adding gelatin to your diet can fuel your fat furnace, detoxify your body and heal your gut.
dangers of fish oils
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Fish Oils:: A Dangerous Fantasy

Why fish oils may not be your best choice in a supplement.
The Harsh Realities of PUFAs