Ghrelin:: The Hunger Gremlin-5909
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Ghrelin:: The Hunger Gremlin

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out at all the information going around in the media and on the internet; especially since a lot of that information is so incomplete.   For example, "Lack of sleep causes weight gain." or "Sleep more…
how to increase leptin sensitivity
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The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 3:: Healing Leptin Resistance

In The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 1 we learned how Leptin is the master hormone that monitors the energy status of the body and tells us when we are in danger of running low on energy to properly function and when we have enough energy to have…
the lowdown on leptin
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The Lowdown on Leptin:: Part 1

Show of hands.  How many of you out there believe that the fat cells are essentially waste receptacles of goo whose sole purpose is to house those excess Snicker's bars, bags of Oreos and cans of Pringles?   I'm about to blow your…
Why I practice Nutrition with no labels
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Why I Practice Nutrition with No Labels

Let's face it.  Nutrition is confusing!  There are so many nutrition theories out there (with more variations emerging every day) and all proclaim to be the single best road to health. It is enough to make you pull your hair out. What's…
watermelon to stay cool
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5 Ways to Eat to Beat the Heat

I don't know how all of you lovelies are faring this summer but we are facing triple digit heat made hotter by 92% humidity lately.  I'm not complaining much thanks to my air conditioning but when it is this hot even they groan under the…
polyunsaturated fats and skin aging
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Is Your Face Oil Aging You? PUFAs and Your Skin

Anyone that has been reading me more than a minute knows I am all about the oils.  I cleanse and moisturize with them and credit them for giving me soft vibrant skin.  When I started using face oil I was not nearly as well versed as…
signs of a slowing metabolism
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Is Your Metabolism Slowing Down?

We all know the feeling of sluggishness, of not feeling "quite right", of fatigue and even restlessness at certain times in our lives.  As we get older, that feeling can increase or even take over our lives.  Unfortunately, with the…
Baby blues
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Baby Blues or #PPD?

What is the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression?
Acute Pneumonia
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The Day That Took my Breath Away

Find out what happened to me that took my breath away....literally.