what are biofilms

The Trouble with Biofilms

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This winter I developed a sinus and upper respiratory infection from hell.  I'm serious.  I could not get better!  One week turned into three and three turned into three months.   At first, we thought it was a run of the…
explanation of hormonal imbalance

Explaining Hormonal Imbalance Pt. 1

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Did you ever think about why we talk so much about hormonal imbalance? It might surprise you to know that the very same hormones that keep us healthy, balanced and happy are the exact same hormones that can cause us emotional and physical…
Estrogen dominance, is it real

Estrogen Dominance: Fact or Fallacy?

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For as long as I have been in private practice helping women balance their hormones has been a very important focus of mine.  Looking at the stats on my blog my estrogen dominance posts like Estrogen Dominance Examined, Taming Estrogen…
TCM and Dampness

TCM and Treating Dampness in the Body

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TCM and Dampness Issues With Spring all around us and seasonal allergies sidelining many of my patients, clients and readers I figured it was time to talk about a concept in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that is near and dear to my heart…
MTHFR and your fertility

Methylation Defects and Your Fertility

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I consider myself extremely blessed to be witnessing the dawn of the genetic age, especially as it pertains to my practice and the ability to profoundly affect change in the health of my clients.  I have written a great deal about estrogen…
adrenal burnout

4 Things You Must Know About Adrenal Burnout

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Life can be a challenge when you are so tired you are actually wired, and in a vicious cycle! When you are experiencing adrenal burnout life can lose its magic. (Click here to listen to this as an audio.) It's been a long time since my last…
Your Immune System::  Th1 vs Th2 Pt. 1-11976

Your Immune System:: Th1 vs Th2 Pt. 1

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Our knowledge of how the body works has come so far in the last decade. One of the things I love about my job is being able to help someone not only cure their symptoms but heal the root cause of those symptoms with nutrition and well-placed…
Hormonal Imbalance?  Think Thyroid!-11973

Hormonal Imbalance? Think Thyroid!

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I love it when medical doctors tell you that you have a hormonal imbalance and hand you more hormones (birth control pills, normally) to combat it without once addressing the effects of balance (or root causes of the imbalance) on other systems…
Is Your Brain Fog as Thick as Pea Soup??-11799

Is Your Brain Fog as Thick as Pea Soup??

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What is brain fog? Have you ever felt like you would lose your head if it wasn't attached?  Ever walked into a room to do something and promptly forgot what you were going to do?  Forgotten the simplest of words?  Or even just…
Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance-11677

Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance

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Here at The Detox Diva we discuss hormonal health a lot, specifically about estrogen dominance.  With so many doctors prescribing birth control pills to treat a myriad of "female"problems (none of which birth control pills actually treat…