Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance-11677
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Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance

Here at The Detox Diva we discuss hormonal health a lot, specifically about estrogen dominance.  With so many doctors prescribing birth control pills to treat a myriad of "female"problems (none of which birth control pills actually treat…
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Fat:: What Your Hormones are Trying to Tell You!

  Have you ever looked in a full length mirror and wonder why you have pockets of fat in the oddest of places, even if you eat well and work out?  Your hormones are trying to tell you something.  What Your…
5 Ways to Banish Back Fat-11612
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5 Ways to Banish Back Fat

Bra bulge, bra spillage, angel wings, no matter what you may call yours, it all boils down to one word; BACK FAT! Let's face it ladies (and gents, listen up too!) when we gain weight, and I am not talking about the five pounds you put on during…
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Estrogen Dominance and Liver Detox

You all know by now how much I love talking about the powerful effects too much estrogen has on the body.  Estrogen dominance, for women, causes so many symptoms including PMS symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, heavy bleeding and…
Ghrelin:: The Hunger Gremlin-5909
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Ghrelin:: The Hunger Gremlin

Sometimes I want to pull my hair out at all the information going around in the media and on the internet; especially since a lot of that information is so incomplete.   For example, "Lack of sleep causes weight gain." or "Sleep more…
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The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 3:: Healing Leptin Resistance

In The Lowdown on Leptin Pt. 1 we learned how Leptin is the master hormone that monitors the energy status of the body and tells us when we are in danger of running low on energy to properly function and when we have enough energy to have…
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The Lowdown on Leptin:: Part 1

Show of hands.  How many of you out there believe that the fat cells are essentially waste receptacles of goo whose sole purpose is to house those excess Snicker's bars, bags of Oreos and cans of Pringles?   I'm about to blow your…
Obesogens:: Is Your Lipstick Making You Fat?-5719
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Obesogens:: Is Your Lipstick Making You Fat?

We have all kinds of theories these days on the cause of the growing obesity crisis.  Everything from increased grain and soy consumption to too much "junk food" including  processed foods and "evil" saturated fats and sugars.  We…
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Evolution and My Estrogen Dominance Protocol

Well, beauties, it sure has been a journey over the last year and a half with a labyrinth of classes including a wealth of nutritional biochemistry classes and hours upon hours of research.   While I have loved every second of my journey…
Gut dysbiosis and estrogen dominance
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Estrogen Dominance:: What's the Gut Got to Do With It?

"All diseases begin in the gut." ~Hippocrates Last week we broached the subject of gut health. The post was only the tip of the ice berg and I promised more information on how gut health (or lack thereof) can affect or even be the root…