beauty rituals by the moon phases

I don’t know about you but the moon affects me greatly.  I am more emotional by the light of the full moon (sometimes positively, sometimes not) and when I respect the phases of the moon I notice a rhythm in my own life; projects that I start at the New Moon finish up tidily by the Full Moon and I can spend the next few weeks releasing what no longer serves and planning my next few projects.  If you’ve been reading my blogs for awhile, you already know I practice Lunaception to keep my cycle in check.

Would it shock you to know though that your hair and nails grow faster during the waxing motion (that period after the new moon until the full moon) and your skin is more absorbent and pliable making this the optimal time to nourish your skin with replenishing oils, the time to take builder adaptogens like He Shou Wu and Ashitaba?

It might surprise you that cutting your hair during the waxing moon (culminating on the full moon) will encourage hair growth.  Conversely, cutting your hair during the waning moon (culminating on the new moon) will encourage your hair to keep its shape.  If you have a complex cut or don’t want to make trips to the salon frequently, this is the time to cut your hair!

Let’s face facts, the moon creates “waves”; in everything from the tides, the way crops grow (the best farmers use biodynamic farming planting and harvesting by the moon phases), even some animal behaviors.  The earth utilizes these cycles to its benefit.

So I bet you are wondering how I use the phases of the moon in my beauty and wellness routines.

Below are a few tips on getting the maximum benefit of the moon phases to be the most beautiful you imaginable.

First during the New Moon is a perfect time for starting new projects, and increasing healing and abundance. Setting your intentions for the month and planting new “seeds” for success is best done at this time.  

Beauty wise you will always see me 

Next, the ‘waxing moon’ (as it is growing towards a full moon) is the perfect time to cut your hair for growth.  Anytime between when the moon starts to grow all the way up to a full moon (culminating on the day of the full moon for maximum growth) is great to keep your hair in tip top condition if you desire long luscious locks.   Even though my dear husband thinks I might be a ‘luna’tic (get it?) he drives me every other full moon to Beirut for a salon appointment.  Nobody makes the connection between the two but my hairdressers all say that I am so lucky to have super fast growing hair and in such good condition!

Conversely, if you have a well-sculpted cut and don’t want to have to go every few weeks to the salon, it’s better to cut your hair during the waning moon.  

During the waxing moon your body is at its most absorbent so this is when you do deep conditioning treatments, oil your hair for growth, increase nutrient dense foods (think bone broths and lots of veggies), up your collagen intake, include a hyaluronic acid supplement, use nourishing oils on your skin (don’t forget feet and cuticles), and focus on replenishing your body.

The full moon is my favorite time to do “file downs” on my nails to encourage stronger faster growing nails.  If I break a nail during a waning moon I will only lightly file it and schedule manicures during the waxing moon so that they grow out faster.

This is when I do a chlorella mask ( I learned this one from Shiva Rose) which is super nourishing and anti-aging.  Who doesn’t love that?

Detox & Nurture Beauty Mask
4 TBS Chlorella
3 TBS of a Face Oil (I used Année De Mamiel seasonal oil)
5 TBS of a Rose Hydrosal (I used Mun No.11 Anarose toner)
2 drops of the following essential oils: lavender, frankincense, rose
2 capsules (about a teaspoon) of activated charcoal

Mix well in a bowl and once it is all blended place on the face. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.

Other ingredients you can add: carrot seed oil, natural clays like bentonite or my favorite addition, Dr. Alkaitis Universal Mask.

During the waning moon, as the moon shrinks in the sky, this is the best time to “detox”.  If you are looking to heal your gut (as with my Heal Your Gut for Good e-course) it’s best to start during the new moon as it takes two weeks to start to see results from the “remove” elimination phase. By the time you are ready to start on the “replace” phase you will be starting that on the next new moon.   Long story short, if you are hoping to do a cleanse or detox, this is the best time the waning moon is the best time to do one.

The waning moon is the perfect time to exfoliate, to remove hair and to steam or sit in an infra-red sauna.  It’s also the best time to focus on releasing anything that isn’t serving you in your life.  This is the best time to declutter and to let go of habits that are no longer contributing to creating the best version of you.  

The last day before the new moon you will taking a long hot bath, steaming, doing a deep exfoliation on my body and an enzyme mask (my favorite one is May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver Mask mixed with raw honey and a little yogurt).  During this time I look at getting rid of one thing in my life that I don’t need anymore.  Whether it is an article of clothing that I no longer love but would be loved by someone else or a habit that needs changing, or any grudges I might be holding, or even anything that isn’t serving me in my business, the waning moon is the perfect time to “surrender and release” physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Although I practice oil pulling  every day, I tend to go for longer periods of time during waning phase of the moon.  

Living your life by the moon might sound complex but it only takes a few cycles to see dramatic changes in your life and even in your health.  It becomes completely apparent that working with earth’s energies rather than against can enhance your life, your health and yes, your beauty and you will be as hooked as I am!

Wishing you health, wellness & beauty,


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