gua sha for face

TCM Spotlight: Facial Gua Sha for Radiant Skin

What is gua sha??  ‘Gua Sha’ has been a staple in the homes of Chinese peasants as well as in the clinics of Chinese medics for thousands of years. These days it is gaining popularity as a beauty and anti-aging treatment, with all…
buckwheat risotto

Anti-aging Recipe: Buckwheat Mushroom Risotto

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I don't know about you but at this point in Winter, I am ready for Spring sunlight, clothing, and definitely food.  I'm tired of the starchy dishes.  I'm tired of the meaty dishes.  I'm simply tired of all the heaviness and truly…
glowing skin

5 Secrets of Glowing Skin at Any Age

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Glowing skin is possible at every age! The holy grail of every woman I know is glowing skin that is healthy and beautiful.  I get so many emails every month asking about how to eradicate acne, clear hyper pigmentation, shrink pores, lighten…

7 Steps to Radiant Wellbeing

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It's not been very long (and still continues to some extent today) conventional medicine looked at the body as a machine whose parts would inevitably break down until it could no longer be repaired. In nutrition school and studying biochemistry,…
liver health, your thyroid and Hashimotos

Your Liver, Thyroid and the Hashimoto's Connection

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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder/disease in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland.  Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is also called Lymphocytic Thyroiditis.   When the body is healthy the immune system protects…
what are biofilms

The Trouble with Biofilms

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This winter I developed a sinus and upper respiratory infection from hell.  I'm serious.  I could not get better!  One week turned into three and three turned into three months.   At first, we thought it was a run of the…

Top 10 Foods to Spring Clean Your Skin from the Inside Out

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Can changing the way you eat mean younger skin? Spring means "new beginnings" and that means skin should shake off the hibernation phase of winter and glow with newfound vitality......  in theory, of course.   Yes, there is more sunlight…

How I Thrive in the Sun: Kypris Pot of Shade Heliotropic

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It's a particularly HOT HOT HOT  summer season in Lebanon this year and, seemingly, everywhere I am traveling, the moment I get there, it seems that it has heat wave ensues and the sun blasts down on me like a sausage under the grill.…
Eating With Intention Sales Page

Want to Eat More Mindfully? Join Our Free Breakfast Experiment

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As we move into our "Eating with Intention" Mindful Eating 4-week telecourse a lot of my clients are wondering how to really narrow down what foods are good for their specific body types and health status.   Many of my readers and…
7 Day Total Body Makeover

7 Day Total Body Makeover Workout

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7-Day Total Body Makeover Diet I promised you all a bonus for our "total body makeover" to compliment our 7-Day Makeover Diet and this one is particularly easy to follow but, well, beauties, it works!!   DAYS 1+3+5 CARDIO-AND-STRENGTH…