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As we move into our “Eating with Intention” Mindful Eating 4-week telecourse a lot of my clients are wondering how to really narrow down what foods are good for their specific body types and health status.  

Many of my readers and clients really don’t understand what eating intuitively means.  This is why I have come up with our free “Breakfast Experiment”!  For seven days you will use our guide to record the particular day’s challenge breakfast and then keep track of how you feel after eating each “monomeal”.  If you aren’t already intuitive with what to eat, this is the challenge for you!! 

When I did this the first time I was eating only fruit for breakfast.  As I tried different foods for my breakfast I understood I really wasn’t very energized after eating only fruit!  I learned that I needed something much more balanced to make me stay satisfied and energized until later in the day.

This is a simple but powerful way to get in touch with foods that may be considered healthy but might not be energizing for your particular body. 

Fill in the form below to get your free download of The Breakfast Experiment!

Make sure you fill in the poll at the top of the page.  The person with the most shares and interactions wins a free seasonal membership to the Society and access to our “Eating with Intention” course which starts on July 19th!  


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