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Wow, it’s amazing how one can totally drop the ball when you are juggling a business, Springtime activities, and a growing family.  I made a commitment to The DD 30-Day Challenge and totally forgot to get the February (or even early March) post up.  Well, I suppose better late than never and the next one is already written and scheduled for late April so we won’t miss any more.  

For those of you who joined me on the Journalling challenge I hope you are still writing and it has become a useful tool in creating the life you truly desire.

So, our next dare, er, challenge, if you can hang that is, is going to make a huge impact to your wallet, and hopefully our waistlines. I know, many of you are going to start getting calls from the local pizza guy wishing you a quick recovery from whatever mystery illness you that, clearly, has you in quarantine but you have to trust me on this.  This challenge is one worth taking.

So here’s how it works…..

  1. You will spend a few days getting your refrigerator stocked with only the foods that make your heart sing.  If you stock up on food that you really want to cook (preferably healthy) you are more inclined to stay home and cook. We want you just as well known at your butcher and your market as you are to the local Chinese.
  2. Beverages are not included.  In other words, if you want wine or beer, clearly you aren’t going to make them at home.  Our challenge seeks to give you a little fiscal finesse by teaching you that cooking at home can be fun and can unleash an adventurous spirit without breaking your bank.
  3. You have four cheat days.  We know that life sometimes gets interesting with dates, graduations, weddings, and friends coming into town where meals shared at restaurants is part of the experience.  We are throwing in these days and secretly hoping you choose to entertain at home with barbecues, dinner parties and other bashes and fêtes done a lá maison.

We are here to support you and will be posting dinner ideas on our Facebook page and we are looking forward to seeing your Instagrams using hashtag #TDD30DayChallenge so stay tuned for goodies to help you along your way.

We at The Detox Diva adore our kitchens and really love cooking at home, creating new recipes and tantalizing the taste buds of our loved ones.  We also really enjoy watching our waistlines decrease while our bank accounts increase.  After all, when you are cooking at home you can control portions (or not) and use high quality ingredients with healthy fats and plenty of fruits and veggies!  

Bon Appétit and Happy Cooking!!

Wishing you health, wellness, and beauty,


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