We are joining forces with Reduce Footprints and Change the World Wednesday and Zero Waste Week to talk about switching out (and paring down) your beauty routines from toxic conventional beauty and personal care items to natural and organic products, many of which are even more luxurious and effective as the ones you may use now.

Chemicals in beauty and personal care products are downright toxic with the same chemicals found in pesticides and engine degreasers being the ones you are using to wash your hair, skin, and body.  Hormone disruptors have found their way into antiperspirants and conventional deodorants, face and body lotions, even products as innocuous as foundations and powders.  Most women use no less than 10 beauty products every single day and many use more than 20!  That’s a lot of chemicals slathered on the number one line of defense against illness; your skin.  Considering your skin is the largest most absorbent organ in the body, sending everything that you are putting on it straight to the blood stream it’s no wonder ovarian, uterine and breast cancer are on the rise; not to mention rampant infertility, autoimmune issues and neurological disorders.

When you body is nourished, strong, and healthy your skin glows from the inside.  Organic natural skincare and cosmetics nurture your skin from the outside making it far less necessary for a vanity full of makeup.  Below are our top picks for multi-tasking must haves to pare down your beauty regimen yet still look radiant and polished.

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Detox Your Beauty Routine

Is Your Beauty Routine a Toxic Waste Dump?



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  1. mrs green
    mrs green says:

    Many thanks for joining in with zero waste week; it’s great to see you and by sharing such wonderful sounding products too. I’d not come across any of them, but some of them sound great – I’m checking them out now and am pretty tempted to order some when the ones I’m using run out!

  2. nando
    nando says:

    I think searching a quality product is really hard today. price is not a guarantee. I’ve tried one of famous products, but it turn out my face skin became burning 🙁

  3. May Lindstrom
    May Lindstrom says:

    Hello Detox Diva! How fun for me to stumble across your mention of The Clean Dirt. I am thrilled you are loving it! This is a truly addicting formulation that gets serious results. Thank you so much for the mention and sharing the love with your readers.
    Have a beautiful day!

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      I am a fan of your entire line! We also featured your mask! I love the fact that they are not only effective but really travel friendly as well!


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