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When should you be wary of a therapeutic diet??

Nutrition can be tricky business especially when it is such big business. Every new (and recycled) diet that comes out seems to promise ageless vigor, vitality, and everlasting life (ok, maybe I am being a tad bit dramatic) it becomes a major temptation to try everything that comes out on the market.  While eating a healthy, nutrient dense diet is crucial for maintaining vibrant health, extreme regimes, especially when followed unnecessarily, encourage and feed into disordered eating.   They can also be exorbitantly expensive and ridiculously complex which often encourages social isolation as the diet becomes a way of life.  Eliminating major food or macronutrient groups or eating your macronutrients dramatically out of balance is a surefire way to ensure you will, eventually, NEED a therapeutic diet.

Bottom line, if you have no major imbalance, eating a variety of real, nutrient dense, unprocessed, high quality foods with a few treats (also real, also high quality) interspersed in a relaxed manner and atmosphere is always the best way to go.

When is a therapeutic diet your best friend??

Therapeutic diets that eliminate common allergens, encourage certain types of foods for healing specific symptoms, or even using certain medical grade food supplements in order to nourish the body on a very deep level for a specific period of time can be a godsend when working on rebalancing the body.  

Whether you have a thyroid disorder, suffer from estrogen dominance or other hormonal imbalance,  or are plagued with gut dybiosis, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders or even anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders, therapeutic diets are a powerful tool in the treatment and deep healing of some pretty major health issues.  When designed and executed properly therapeutic diets can be more beneficial to the healing a chronic condition than all the medicine a doctor can throw at you.

What are some examples of how a therapeutic diet can be beneficial?

Since gut health (or lack thereof) is at the root of many illnesses, an elimination, detox, and rebuilding diet can work wonders to healing everything from severe hormonal imbalances, to mood disorders to even autoimmune diseases.  A highly digestible yet nutrient dense diet with well placed supplements can rebuild years of damage to the intestinal walls which can cause any number of dysfunctions including food allergies, gut dysbiosis, impaired immunity, hormonal issues such as PCOS and, of course, detoxification issues such as estrogen dominance which lead to a slew of other symptoms and problems.  

Metabolic syndrome is often best treated with a supervised lower carbohydrate/targeted carbohydrate diet.  Those suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic brain fog, severe fatigue, and many other often ignored but debilitating symptoms that are often traced back to  DNA methylation pathway mutations can be treated according to a specific protocol, targeted nutrients and eliminating certain compounds from the diet for a short period of time can put right symptoms most doctors ignore or are woefully lacking the knowledge to treat.  

Therapeutic diets are also useful when trying to conceive a child, training for a strenuous event, or, of course, desiring to shift a lot of weight.

In the hands of a capable professional nutritionist, a therapeutic diet can be one of the greatest tools to treating debilitating conditions quickly and with little effort.   If one is necessary, it should be tailored to the person according to not only symptoms, but lifestyle of the patient.

If you feel you may need a therapeutic diet, feel free to contact me to discuss your needs or, better yet schedule an appointment.


Wishing you health, beauty, and elegance,


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