Our Top 5 Picks for Non-Toxic Mascara-11684
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Our Top 5 Picks for Non-Toxic Mascara

In my experience the last hold-out when going "green" and non-toxic is making the switch to non-toxic beauty products.  Maybe it's because CoverGirl and Lancôme are so good at marketing or perhaps it is because when organic beauty products…
Aurelia Skincare Miracle Cleanser
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Loving:: Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser

Have you ever had the experience of "love at first sight" with a skincare product?  I have, on occasion, but this time Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Miracle Cleanser hit me like a bolt of lightning.  You all know me by now as the…
A Diva’s Guide to Dry Masks-5773
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A Diva's Guide to Dry Masks

I am blessed with beautifully clear almost translucent skin.  No, I am not tooting my own horn.  It's true.  I am not plagued with breakouts (save for the odd blemish or two that creeps up around my "period") or uneven skin tone.…
Odacite Pure Elements
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Odacité Pure Elements:: Crush Worthy Skincare

I am a believer in face oils but over the last six months I have eschewed many of my oils due to the high PUFA load; especially those that don't balance those PUFAs with more saturated fats due to the fact that your skin absorbs 60 to 65% of…
fig and yarrow crushworthy skincare
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Fig Yarrow Cleansing Nectar :: Crush Worthy Skincare

Chasing around children, running a business and handling everyday village life is a full time job.  A few of them, in fact.  While I would love to look pulled together every morning, sometimes it is a chore just to sit down and have…
argentum apothecary review
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Luxe Skincare ARgENTUM Apothecary La Potion Infinie

As you all know I am obsessed with skincare that really works with natural ingredients rather than synthetic nasties.  Toss in luxury into the mix and I am totally smitten.  There is something about that perfect combination between…
Baby Foot Exfoliant Pack
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For Baby Soft Feet:: Baby Foot Exfoliating Foot Peel

Sandal season is around the corner and, I don't know about you, beauties, my feet look like dragon's claws.  In fact, after years of high heeled shoes and ballet with pointe shoes I have developed calluses on my callouses. Thankfully, I…
mineral makeup recommendations
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Mineral Makeup Madness

I thank heaven every day for mineral makeup.   It covers a multitude of sins (like staying up with a precocious 9 month old who wants to watch cartoons all night, has, by virtue of its zinc oxide content, a natural sunscreen and, depending…
Kjaer Weis Mascara
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Obsession Alert:: Kjaer Weis Mascara

Kjaer Weis is a true star in a somewhat cloudy sky of "organic" mascaras. See why this is a must buy!