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Chasing around children, running a business and handling everyday village life is a full time job.  A few of them, in fact.  While I would love to look pulled together every morning, sometimes it is a chore just to sit down and have a hot mug of lemon water and a coffee and, as often, I am still in my PJs at one o’clock in the afternoon!  ANY product that makes having healthy glowing skin easy is definitely crush worthy. 

Fig Yarrow  Cleansing Nectar is my latest crush and it looks like it is hear to stay as a permanent fixture on my vanity (and in my travel case where I am sure it will be a perfect addition to my transatlantic beauty routine as it would be a great cleansing “pick-me-up” before deplaning!)  

So what makes it so fabulous? 

First, all you need is a little of this miracle concoction (the founder, Brandy Monique calls it a “washless cleanser/toner)  on a cotton pad to swipe across your face in the morning.  It literally takes me 30 seconds to cleanse and tone my entire face in the morning; 10 seconds of that is shaking the bottle.  No, I haven’t abandoned my “slow beauty” rituals but kids, a business, and, lately, a ton of house renovations dictate I cut a few corners sometimes in the quest to be radiant.  Fig Yarrow helps me cut those corners beautifully.

Second, this is small-batched, organic and artisanal.  There is a sensuality that goes along with hand-crafted products that appeals to me.  Brands such as Fig Yarrow tend to be very choosey about the ingredients that go into their products.  They lovingly create.  Luckily, this is still the case with much of the organic skincare industry to some extent but artisanal skincare lines tend to have a little edge in picking only the best raw materials and, in Cleansing Nectar’s case it shows.  Oh and it is packaged in amber UV glass so it keeps these ingredients stable and safe!  You all know how I love products packaged in darker glass!

Below are the “key” ingredients::

  •  lavender hydrosol’s calming, cleansing and soothing attributes are especially beneficial to combination, sun-damaged and challenged skin.
  •  salt of the Dead Sea, raw organic manuka honey and raw organic apple cider vinegar are rich in nutrients and enzymes, with naturally drawing and exfoliating attributes beneficial to problem skin.
  •  manuka honey and vegetable glycerin help to soften, soothe and moisturize.
  • aloe provides superlative soothing and healing benefits.
  •  willow bark is antimicrobial and naturally exfoliating, lending to smoother and clearer skin.
  •  calendula has exceptional healing qualities beneficial to damaged skin.
  •  ginko biloba helps to increase circulation.
  •  licorice helps to lighten and even skin tone.
  • + green tea provides exception anti-oxidants and nutrients.
  •  lactobacilli ferment is a probiotic-based skin-conditioning antimicrobial.
  •  a blend of pure essential oils helps to further soothe, brighten, balance and stimulate skin regeneration.

I try a lot of products, my beauties, but this has been a lifesaver over the past few months!!  

For the sake of  fairness I probably should list what I don’t like about this product.  I absolutely loathe, detest, hate the fact that I will, inevitably, run out and probably will not have replenished my stock before I do.

Yes, that’s right, lovelies.  There is nothing other than the fact that I don’t have a keg of this incredible product on tap!!  It’s priced reasonably ($30 for 4 fl oz. or 120 ml) and it lasts a long time because I cleanse normally once in the morning with the product.  

I don’t expect it to take off makeup.  I have a few crushes brewing that do that just fine so, for my purposes, morning cleanse and go, this product normally lasts about six to eight weeks.  It is also a multi-tasking heavy hitter.  On my crazier mornings, sometimes I don’t even get to moisturize and Fig Yarrow Cleansing Nectar leaves me feeling dewy soft.  Yes, on the perfect day, I would follow up with my latest lust, my bespoke Glow Skincare day cream (more on that later) but sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

Run, ladies, don’t walk to discover not only this product but the whole brand!  

Buy now:: Fig Yarrow


4 replies
  1. Mina
    Mina says:

    Nice design and article Jacqueline!
    dont you do the oil cleansing method at nights and why do you need a morning cleansing ?

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      I do still do my oil cleansing but as you sleep toxins are released from your pores. It’s called your lymphatic system. It is a good idea to at least rinse those off, a little like oil pulling. You may brush your teeth at night and not eat anything else but you still wake up with crud mouth.

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    would you please guide me to pick up some oils?there are just so many oild out there named as beauty oils and essential oils and its so confusing which one to choose from,so I just wanted to know If I wanted to stick to a mix of oils and go with it ,what would be the most powerful and dense in nutrients to use please?

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      I would recommend a good aromatherapist. I have some that I like but I am not a trained essential oil dispenser.


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