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Want beautiful shimmery skin?  That summer glow is easier to attain than you might think.

In our last post we talked about 5 Ways to Achieve Glowing Skin at Any Age but let’s face it, summer skin can be a challenge with heat and humidity wreaking havoc on the healthiest of skin.  Today we discuss how to eat, drink and what to use to achieve a vibrant summer glow that will have you summer lovin’ in no time.  

1.  It’s all about real foods, baby!  “Blah blah blah, Jacqueline.  We get it.  Good nutrition leads to healthy skin. Tell me something I don’t already know.”  Isn’t that what you are all thinking? But did you know that eating the way you did in fall and winter can lead to congestion, skin flushing, and sluggish skin?   The thing is, when temperatures rise, the body really craves cooler foods and that means all those lovely spring and summer veggies like asparagus, cucumbers, peppers, lettuces and dark green leafies, ripe tomatoes and fruits like berries, cherries, melons and stone fruits.  This is when salads replace stews and hot soups are replaced by cooler soups like Gazpacho.  Many fruits and veggies can be packed into smoothies and other cold blended soups as well as combined with coconut milk or yoghurt for homemade ice creams.  Make sure you infuse your water with plenty of fruit, veggies and herbs and spices to make water a treat to drink!  Adding chia to fruity waters or coconut water to make chia fresca (about 2 tablespoons to every liter) every few days can be a super hydrating boost. summer glow

When the weather heats up eating meat, even grass-fed high quality meat, can be challenging.  While it might be more tempting to reach for chicken as your mainstay, bear in mind, even pastured chicken has many fragile fats and shouldn’t be eaten more than a few times a week.  This is the time to amp up your consumption of other good quality proteins like fish, shrimp and other shellfish like scallops and crabs as well as mollusks such as clams and oysters.   High in zinc, iron, selenium, and niacin (as well as Vitamin B12) these should be cooked and eaten with parsley or cilantro (or accompanied by a salad or smoothie containing these) to combat mercury toxicity (and never bought from farmed sources!).  Other good sources of protein would be duck and other game, heritage pork, and other lighter meats.  summer glow

One of my favorite protein sources in the spring and summer is grilled haloumi cheese skewered with peppers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant.  Cut artisanal halloumi (preferably a mixture of sheep and goat) into cubes.  Cut peppers and other veggies into bite sized cubes and skewer them with the halloumi.  Put skewers over hot coals (or a hot grill pan) and grill a few minutes on each size until halloumi is browned.

2.  “Superfoods”, supplements, and smoothies.  (Say that five times fast! I dare you!)  All of you who know me know very well that I don’t tout many “superfoods” for many reasons, the biggest one being just because that particular food (or powder, as is most often the case)  is healthy, doesn’t mean that you should be eating it every day in copious amounts on and in everything. More is not better.  Repeat that until you understand that.  (Yes, I am talking to you, Mr. David “Avocado” Wolfe!) summer glow

But here’s the thing.  There are foods that are very good for specific functions in the body that are simply not easy to incorporate into the diet and, since this is the Spring and Summer season and blenders are working overtime, it’s easy to add these foods to your diet into your smoothies.  I have recently fallen in love with a company called Aloha and their array of products from their upcoming The Foundation nutritional packs utilizing their Be Brilliant, Be Young and Strong and Be Protected supplements .  Their Be Young supplements (arriving in summer along with the individual nutrition packs) are a must have in my view because of the use of algae for Omega-3.  They recognize just how unnatural most Omega-3 fish oils can be (not to mention how rancid and nasty they are!) and go straight to using DHA-and EPA rich algae for its source.  This is a brilliant move, in my view as most of us understand now that flax and other plant based sources are only rich in ALA which does not metabolize well into the usable form of Omega-3.  With skin loving ingredients like french melon, organic turmeric extract, Reindeer Lichen (a very powerful form of Vitamin D-3, important for every function of the body!), acerola cherry powder (very high in nourishing Vitamin C), and tocotrienols (Super Vitamin E) and many other beautifully blended ingredients guaranteed to give you that summer glow long into next winter! summer glow

I do have to shamelessly plug them for two other A-MA-ZING products I love, love, love.  While I will never forgo my hydrolyzed collagen, gelatin and bone broth as fantastic sources of vital nutrients and protein, and I don’t often recommend a strictly vegan protein powder, I have to admit, when I tried this, it was the first one that not only didn’t want to make me gag, but was so delicious and digestible I wanted to use it as often as possible.  Aloha protein powder is based on pumpkin seed protein, hemp seed protein, and pea protein but also adds in monkfruit, mineral rich Hawaiian pink salt, super hydrating coconut water and the highest quality cocoa beans in the chocolate, and coconut cream, and wild harvested vanilla in their vanilla flavors.  BOTH flavors are out of this world and are so good you literally can drink them in plain water.  So why am I recommending a vegan protein powder when I, so often, eschew anything as simply vegan?  It’s simple. Glowing skin, nails and hair require a lot of protein and I don’t know many people that want to eat as much meat during the Spring and Summer as the body needs to accomplish that summer glow. It has 18 grams of protein with a complete amino acid profile (which means that it is going to be completely useable by the body) and uses a patented infrared drying process so it’s not going to be rancid before you even get it into your mouth and it isn’t going to last in your kitchen long enough for it to go “off”.

The other product that I am OBSESSED with is their ‘superfood’ chocolate.  Ok, at first I rolled my eyes at the thought of yet another “super chocolate” on the market, especially since they use the word “raw” which you all know I just don’t give a rat’s hind part about BUT when I first bit into their plain ole’  Original Dark Chocolate I was hooked.  First, it was super super smooth. I’m talking orgasmically chocolatey.  Then you look at the ingredients list chock-a-block with antioxidant rich moringa, energy inducing spirulina, organic mushrooms, spinach, and pea protein along with other nutrient dense foods and you know you are eating something that really is a treat and yet is divinely healthy at the same time.   Add to all of this their flavors like Hazelnut and Fig and Macadamia Coconut (each one more crazy delicious than the last) and you have one of the only chocolate bars I stock in my home on a regular basis!  Seriously ladies, I cannot get enough of this chocolate!  Oh and because it is sweetened with organic coconut sugar which is lower on the glycemic index yet is still broken down into glucose you aren’t going to get a sugar high and crash like you would with a lot of chocolate bars. summer glow

So breaking it down, go and stock up on ALOHA products today and make sure you subscribe so you get first dibs on their upcoming summer products because these are what I have stocked by my blender ready for all my smoothie needs!  

I also would be amiss if I didn’t remind you about a magical potion called Virgin Raw Bee Panacea.  A mixture of raw honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and a host of other nutrition superchargers like chaga mushrooms and spirulina, this little powerhouse requires only a teaspoon a day (I put it on a small spoon and into my mouth to let its deliciousness melt away while doing my morning barre routine).  Since beginning this product a few years back, I notice a really nice glow to my skin without trying too hard and I love the way it supercharges my energy!  Even superstars like Victoria Beckham are singing the praises of this product, though, it must be said, I discovered this beautiful elixir when it had just come out so whose the real trendsetter, Becks?

Real foods can amp up skin health giving you a healthy summer glow deliciously! 

3.  Lotions, potions and magic wands.  Just kidding about that last part.  Well, wait.  Maybe I am not kidding with some of the greatest, most luxurious, often multi-tasking natural beauty products on the market on our list they can act as a magic wand to give you that “glow from within” look while nourishing your skin giving you that glow in or out of makeup!  summer glow

Let’s start with the foundation of your summer glow; cleansing.  I tend to wear very little makeup in the summer, especially during the day.  Regardless, that makeup does need to effortlessly come off every night and I would rather not spend a lot of time worrying about if I am getting my skin clean enough.   Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics is my ‘go-to’ cleanser for removing makeup, exfoliating and a cleansing.  I use it with a clean washcloth or muslin cloth and it rinses cleaner than any other cleansing oil I have ever used!  Because it is formulated with a fruit enzyme called papain and Vitamin B you get that one-two punch of softening and detoxifying.  summer glow

Of course nothing would be without a cooling yet nurturing toner and face oil. My absolute favorite toner for this season is the No. 11 Aknari Rose Toner by Mun Beauty.   Hydrating, soothing, and full of skin transformative flavones, antioxidants and amino acids with ingredients like Prickly Pear stem extract, goji berry, jasmine and hyaluronic acid it is sure to be a skin loving treat.   At night my routine includes Odacite’s Radiant Glow Gift Set with ingredients like Green Tea extract, wild carrot seed oil,  camelia seed oil, and lemongrass which promises to give the skin a youthful toned glow and it always delivers.   During the day I use a combination of Odacite’s Summer in Horgossor and Dr. Alkaitis Day Cream.  If I am going to be in the sun for longer than about 30 minutes I will use a dusting of W3LL PEOPLE’s Altruist Mineral Foundation which has a light sunscreen in it.

 Before you gasp in horror, I don’t use a sunscreen on my face or body save for a little rosehip or carrot oil. On my body I slather on Laurel Whole Plant Organic’s Sun Oil with natural sun care ingredients like avocado, rosehip, red raspberry seed oil, and sea buckthorn berry which is extremely rich in Vitamins C and E. summer glow

Once a week I use MAHALO’s Pele Mask which is a powder to mousse concoction that pulls any impurities that might be lurking in my pores and keeps my sebum balanced, gives me a boost of antioxidants, and energizes my skin with ingredients like Hawaiian volcanic ash, cayenne pepper, turmeric, Neem leaf, hazelnut and even hibiscus (said to be nature’s ‘botox’).

I don’t wear much makeup in the summer.  A swipe of mascara with some mineral eyeliner, a bronzer like RMS’s Buriti Bronzer and luminizer such as my current favorite Kjaer Weiss’s Highlighter, and one of my many berry, pink or red lip stains or glosses such as the one I am crushing on now, Vapour Beauty’s Elixir Plumping Lip Gloss.

Getting a summer glow, not to mention a healthy body, is simple, delicious and luxurious. What are your favorite ways to achieve glowing summer skin?


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  1. Wendy Gardner
    Wendy Gardner says:

    With the heat and humidity, I’ve switched to something lighter – my spray on Drench facial tonic with MSM and hyaluronic acid. I think peri menopause is making me hotter than usual. As soon as temps drop a bit, I’ll be back to Proposal in Paris or Heart of Eternity in the morning.


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