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So it’s not a secret that I have a little girl crush on Wendy Gardner as the alchemist behind my favorite “can’t live without” bespoke skincare line Glow Skincare.  There is nothing like being able to talk to this beauty “sorceress” about your deepest darkest skincare issues and have her whip up her synergistic elixirs and creams to counteract even the most egregious skin indiscretions.  Magic in a bottle.

So without further adieu, I’m giving the floor over the Wendy to talk about her latest creation and how it can benefit you!

What’s new at Glow? It’s a spray on facial tonic based on flowers and leaves , called Drench. I designed Drench to add a blast of moisture, vitamins and minerals to my skin while I’m glued to my keyboard for a deadline. It’s a couple of seconds to do and I feel a bit more alert and perky after.

I switched to Miron glass this year, my not so secret love obsession with their dark glass.

I also use it last thing before bed, during the night if I have a hot flash, or if the room’s humidity is lower than I’d like. It can go over makeup, onto bare or freshly washed or moisturised skin.   If you’re using Empress do so before Empress or it will slide off.

I also use it when I (gasp) forget to moisturise when I wake up, when I’ve got a project on that I’m so focused on I forget to do the basics.    On an energetic level, I find it helps when i spritz my face before an important call – spritzing from above my head so it comes down as a fine mist.. big inhale.. positive affirmation or whatever. You could make that as woo-woo as you like.  (Thinking positive thoughts do affect emotions , hormones, energy levels so I recommend trying it, before you dismiss it as placebo or nonsense.)

It’ll be a friend on a long haul flight… and could double up as an oil free cleanser. (As long as you weren’t wearing makeup).  I have a client who uses it after her early morning runs to clear her face from salt, so that she feels comfortable before she gets back home for her shower.  I could see Drench for those that swim in chlorinated pools. The chlorine nukes the skin’s healthy bacteria… Drench will help restore your pH back to where it’s comfortable.

Lots more times, places and ways to use it…trust your intuition and experiment would be my suggestions. To those who need specific instructions it would be: wash face, use Drench, then apply your moisturisers, serums, oils whatever.  And reapply during the day/night to refresh.

It’s got four of my favourite hydrosols that all smell beautiful and love our skin with the right pH. (I have this thing to never use tap water…if a hydrosol can be used, I will) Rose, frankincense, rose geranium and lavender. The frankincense bit helps when  I do my meditation, an early habit I’d like to get back into this spring.  The lavender and rose are very cooling on a  hot day. And geranium is a great mood settler, esp. with this change of life time.

The MSM brings the sulphur and makes the cells more permeable so the other ingredients can sink in. Hyaluronic acid is my favourite for adding a velvety plumpness and smoothness to a blend. It’s mega infused with enough aloe – my suppliers cringe at the quantities I use saying I put way too much in. But you know, it really helps, and that’s my goal.      Then there’s  my special Cape of Good Hope mix of Honey bush and Rooibos tea for their antioxidants, along with Chinese White and sometimes Green tea.  When you’ve spent any time in Africa, the flaura and fauna get into your blood forever.  You’ll see lots of England meets Africa twists in my work eg Geranium, Rooibos and Honey bush from the Cape. And I’m trialling colloidal copper to keep my brew safe.  There’s new science coming out every day so I’ll keep experimenting and improving.

Wish you all a very happy spring!

Ladies, the moment I read this, I placed my order and cannot wait to receive that package straight from heaven later this week!  

Where to buy:  Glow Skincare

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