Your gut, inflammation and hormones all are responsible for premature aging…. and it’s avoidable!!

I’m sure all of you beauties reading this are wondering if it is true, that I just said gut aging (and indeed aging from hormones and inflammation) are avoidable.  

Have you ever noticed that if you are not tolerating dairy or overdoing it, the dark circles under your eyes got deeper?  Or if you over imbibed on alcohol the lines and wrinkles, especially the ones around your mouth or those lovely nasolabial folds got deeper?   Or if you’ve eaten a whole loaf of bread you notice your face is puffier and more bloated the next day (or several days)?

If you have answered yes to any of those or thought that you look older than your years or even just feeling more out of sorts with digestion issues, hormonal imbalance, and inflammatory conditions, have I got the quiz for you! 

Many clients in my private practice come to me not only complaining of symptoms that speak of hormonal, thyroid, gut dysbiosis, and liver issues but of their appearance. Sallow dull and dry skin, hyperpigmentation, lack of tone and sagging, and even rosacea and redness all have become quite usual complaints over the years.  

As I created treatment plans to help the majority of my patients I began to notice the very skin issues they complained about started to clear up.  Even deep wrinkles began to fade!  Many patients started to gush that they had been asked what they had done because they started to look 10 to 15 years younger all by sorting out their health issues.  

We are starting to know on a biochemical and medical level that the gut is the control center of the body.  Whatever happens in the gut will show up on the face and body inevitably.  If your microbiome is disrupted or there are gut permeability issues it will result in the “starving” of the skin.  Inflammatory conditions in the body will attack the skin at sooner or later.  (More often sooner than later.)

An unhealthy gut will result in hormonal imbalance which has its own special way of attacking skin health.  So it is really key how paramount gut health truly is.  No longer can we look at a “little gas” or “heartburn” as something everyone experiences and is no big deal.

When I started tackling gut issues and their trigger head on I started to witness amazing results in the appearance of my clients and I started to make the connection that only a handful of health care practitioners are just now beginning to grasp.

Essentially what it breaks down to is if we treat the gut, then the inflammation in the body and the hormonal balance in sequence we can reverse a lot of the signs of aging that people run to their dermatologists for Botox and fillers for (which really don’t do anything to reverse the root cause of why they need them in the first place).

What premature aging signs can we exponentially improve upon?  

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles
  2. Sagging skin
  3. Uneven skin tone
  4. Dull lifeless skin
  5. Uneven skin texture
  6. Adult acne
  7. Rosacea
  8. Under eye circles and bags/puffiness

How do you know if you are gut aging?

The symptoms described below are all symptoms that your digestion isn’t functioning as well as it could be. Tick all the boxes that apply in each section of the quiz.  Tick as many as apply.

[questionnaire id=”20211″]

If most of your symptoms are in section 1 with very few in sections 2 and 3, you have very low levels of gut aging.  You are still showing signs so this is the time that it is easiest to repair and rejuvenate your health and the symptoms of aging. Providing you don’t take your gut health for granted you can avoid (at least for a very long time) any of the niggling symptoms that show on your face.

If the boxes you ticked were mostly in sections 1 and 2 you have a moderate level of gut aging.  This means that most if not all of the skin issues you are facing are linked to your gut health.  Putting in place the right solutions that calm and heal the gut along with a few well placed supplements for the skin can, most likely, reverse any symptoms you are experiencing.

If you were one that ticked many symptoms spread across all three lists there is a good chance you have a high rate of gut aging.  As I said, your gut alone could be the cause of any or all of your symptoms or it could be a combination of gut, inflammation and hormonal imbalances at which point you will need to focus on gut health first, anti-inflammatory protocol, and finally, hormonal balancing.  If you were to put these protocols in place, there is a good likelihood that most of your skin aging issues would reverse.

If most of your symptoms were in checklists 2 and 3 you have a moderate amount of gut aging but your problems stem from not only gut but inflammation and hormonal issues as well.  Putting these protocols to work for you would give you amazing results in very short order.

If the boxes you ticked were mostly in sections 1 and 3 you have moderate gut aging but it hasn’t shown up on your skin yet.  Lucky you.  But don’t kid yourself.  It’s only a matter of time, if you don’t look after your gut health, that symptoms of premature aging could start to show up.  Take care of your gut now and stay supple and young looking long into the future.

If you didn’t tick anything…. why are you here?  Step away from the computer and go have a nice dinner with good healthy fats, delicious proteins, and energy giving carbs!  Have a glass of wine as well!

So what can you do to halt your gut aging??

We have several options for getting you on the right track to youthful health.

 Work 1:1 with me to create a personalized plan.  Join The Society and get recipes that are all geared to be good for gut health, hormonal balancing and anti-inflammatory along with exclusive salons and webinars using cutting edge scientific breakthroughs on anti-aging and age preservation, and bio-engineering your health, regular office hours, and guides and other information to support you in your desire for a healthier life.

We also have two courses going on that will help you address these specific symptoms:


I created this challenge to make it easy for fabulous women to tackle their health problems head on. In just 30 Days, you’ll learn how to heal your intestines including leaky gut, discover your food intolerances, and develop self-care habits that will help you feel better, for life. THIS is the e-course to get you on your way to healing autoimmune illnesses like Hashimoto’s and Chron’s Disease as well as setting the foundation for healing Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme Disease, EBV, and even helping control autoimmune responses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  This is the first and most important step in healing hormonal imbalance (if you have PCOS or estrogen dominance you will NOT want to miss this course!!)

EstroBalance puts you in the driver’s seat!

If you take control of your hormones, you take control of your life. Our hormones are the basis for so many of our health problems, from acne and eczema, to insomnia and exhaustion, to weight gain and bloating. In the course, you’ll learn how to self-diagnose hormonal imbalances and receive my proven protocol to get your hormones into optimal shape.


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