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As you all know I am obsessed with skincare that really works with natural ingredients rather than synthetic nasties.  Toss in luxury into the mix and I am totally smitten.  There is something about that perfect combination between something that looks amazing on my vanity yet does what it claims it does all with 99.5% naturally derived ingredients.  When you add in a name like “La Potion Infinie” somehow that is the magical “one-two punch” that has me chomping at the bit to try it! 

ARgENTUM Apothecary has created a “mystical and magical” cream that is modeled after the twelve archetypes of Jungian psychology; the creator, sage, caregiver, magician, everyman, ruler, innocent, rebel, explorer, hero, and lover (though Jung’s archetypes are .  One of these archetypes comes, in the form of a card, with a brief explanation of what each means and the idea is you are supposed to draw inspiration and power from your specific one. Each month, going to the website reveals your thought for your specific archetype  It reminds me a bit of astrology but I got #5 Everyman which is supposed to be the “teacher” so what I read was actually eerily accurate even though I tend towards the “sage” by actual Jungian archetype.  It’s kind of “cool”, all the intrigue, but this IS a face cream so as artistic and creative the package is, I was a little skeptical, I must admit at why all the hullabaloo.  What was all this packaging hiding?

argentum everyman 2

The box was artistic with hand drawn swans and waves and appeared as if it wanted to jump open and reveal its hidden jewels.  As you open the box it reveals the clever special card revealing your archetype (and enough information about the archetypes in general to keep you occupied for an hour if you are so inclined) and the stunning dark purple glass jar meant to protect the product from the harmful UV rays of the sun and other light which can wreak havoc on your skincare. (Light and heat can break down delicate ingredients and fragile fats.)

Opening the jar the “herbal” scent was surprisingly pleasant with hints of bergamot, nutmeg, sandalwood and even rosewood.  Joy Isaacs and Stephanie Thierry, co-founders of the luxe skincare ARgENTUM Apothecary, wanted to create a scent that would work universally for both men and women.  It would make a divine daytime summer perfume or candle if anyone at ARgENTUM is listening!

The science behind la potion infinie is intriguing.  It’s three main ingredients are colloidal silver hydrosol, DNA HP (a derivative of salmon milt) and caffeine.  While those may seem like an unlikely marriage the synergy is nothing short of amazing.  

Colloidal silver is a potent natural antibacterial which helps rebalance skin’s natural flora and helps guard against breakouts and scavenges free radicals.  DNA HP an ultra hydrating super ingredient holds 10,000 times its weight so it essentially binds water and delivers it to skin cells.  This helps stimulate collagen and elastin.   Finally the caffeine gives the skin a tightening effect which is great for the fatigued skin of a mom of triplets!

All of this luxurious anti-aging goodness doesn’t come cheap.  At £147.00 or $225 this is truly a high end treatment rivaling products like Chanel, Sisley or Creme de La Mer.  All with ingredients that don’t read like a toxic chemical spill.

So is the steep price tag justified?  Let’s take a look at what I love (and what I didn’t love so much) about the product.

What I LOVE about this product is it works!  I have not had a break out in the 6 weeks I have been using it; not even a hormonal “before period” breakout.  There is nary a blackhead to be found on my face.  I don’t have dry skin so I can’t really tell you if it is super hydrating but the feel of the formula is light, between a serum, a gel, and a cream.  It disappears almost instantly when tapped into the skin. I can put makeup on right after application!

The caffeine does an A-MA-ZING job of tightening the skin.  With one of my little girls loving her mommy time at 4am recently, the under eyes have a tendency to be really puffy in the morning.  In short, the fatigue is apparent all over my face.  Within a few minutes of putting on this miracle cream the “puff” is gone and the contours of my face shine through once again!  That alone is worth every penny and pence!

Did I mention the heavenly scent??

The last thing about this cream that makes it worth the money is the fact that you really don’t need a separate eye, neck or decolletage cream.  La potion infinie actually encourages replacing all your serums, oils and creams and, in my view, that is entirely possible.  This is one powerful anti-aging product.

There is a flip side though.  There are a few things that don’t make the grade for me.

What I absolutely do NOT love about this product is the addition of both sunflower and sweet almond oil.  Both of these oils are very high in polyunsaturated fats (I will be doing a complete post shortly on why the use of PUFAs is something you may want to rethink) and both are used as filler in my view.  For as expensive as this product is, I feel like they could have used oils that packed more of a “punch”.  Honestly, this is my only real complaint and as I am not slathering it all over my body, I wouldn’t think it increases the PUFA load too terribly much the way using a body oil with high PUFA oils would.

All in all it is a product that is very effective.  To my knowledge, it is the only skincare line that combines all three of wonderfully effective ingredients that really do work.  ARgENTUM Apothecary’s la potion infinie is worth the hefty price tag.

In the UK or Europe buy ARgENTUM Apothecary at Cult Beauty (£147.00).  In the US find this incredible product at Beauty Habit ($225).



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