Elanveda breathing relief

Ever since going into hospital for pneumonia a little over a week ago, the ability to breathe became all I could think about.  I have come to the conclusion that we take our breath for granted.  I  know I did.  This is something I am much more aware of now that I sit on a nebulizer twice a day.

ElanVeda has been on my radar for quite some time with their high quality supplements for everything from healthy hair to triphala for digestion, to some of the highest quality essential oils on the market.  Their Breathing Ease supplement contains four key herbs prized for centuries in Ayruvedic medicine for their ability to naturally support the respiratory system.

This proprietary blend of licorice, bharngi, tulsi, and Indian Long Pepper, is known for its anti-inflammatory properties along with their ability to reduce respiratory infections.  They are also known for their ability to strengthen weak lungs.

ElanVeda’s All Sinus essential oil blend provides powerful yet natural relief from sinus congestion using eucalyptus oil, Inula Graveolens, lemongrass, and rosemary to soothe inflamed sinus passages and bring powerful relief without the nasty side effects of traditional decongestants.

Think of this dynamic duo as the perfect one-two punch for eradicating summer colds.

ElanVeda naturally boosts weakened immune systems, stressed by too lack of proper nutrition, too little sleep, and precious little exercise,  using wildcrafted herbs and high quality essential oils.

Where to buy:: OpenSky

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    ClinicalPosters.com says:

    Your body has taken quite a toll from carrying triplets. As health conscious as you are, you are resilient and the human body is wonderfully made. Hence, I have no doubt that soon, this temporary setback will fade in significance as you are able to shift focus to enjoying your 3x bundle of joy. Continue to take care.


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