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I have been anti-perspirant free for over 5 years now.  While that may seem C R A Z Y to you, after all, don’t I exercise or run around chasing my litter? If I do, don’t I stink to high heaven?  

The answer to those questions would be yes, I do exercise and I do sweat.  And no, I don’t stink to high heaven because I am lucky enough to have access to the best natural deodorants in the business.  While there is no one natural deodorant that works for everyone, I have been fortunate to find a few work for me.  I have a few favorites and I do rotate them.  

Some of you may remember I reviewed Natural Kokomo Deodorant Cream  and I raved about it.  I still think it is one of the best ones I have tried BUUUUT for me, sadly, my underarms don’t like baking soda a lot of the time and about 3 months into using it I started developing very dark underarms that peeled.  (I mean seriously, I thought I had some life threatening disease or something, they got that dark!).  Not everyone will have a baking soda sensitivity.  If you have oily skin or thicker skin (kapha doshas generally could use this deodorant with no problem) you will be fine with it and it really is awesome.

My latest trial has been nothing short of amazing and I have very happy underarms on top of it!  Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda Free Deodorant Cream with Grapefruit  is absolutely, without a doubt going into my permanent rotation!  

First off, let me say, there is NO irritation!  There is NO darkening of my underarms!  And there is NO sting of any kind even if I put it on directly after shaving!  

Those, in my book, are big deals to me.  I can sweat through a yoga class without fear I am going to be a manky mess afterwards.  I can chase my kids all day and not worry that my wee girl is going to give me that “mommy you stink” face that she has given me from time to time as I have tested a few other natural deodorants that haven’t made the cut.  (Ah the honesty of children!)  

Meow Meow Tweet is a divine Indie small batch brand out of Brooklyn (which makes me love it more!).  Tara and Jeff have really knocked it out of the park with all their products but this baking soda free version of their already cult favorite is a complete shut out home run in my view!  I have gone through my little jar and am scrambling for the next one.  

Considering I have three natural deodorants still to test for Spring and Summer and I STILL have to have this on my vanity, that is high praise!

While many natural deodorants rely on baking soda and clay, Meow Meow Tweet uses dietary magnesium (vital for every cell in the body and, if deficient, this can cause you to sweat even more!), arrowroot powder, plant oils and citrus essential oils as their formula for “fresh” all day long.

I do still sweat but I also notice I sweat much less with this product which is a plus in my book.  I have tested it through the winter wearing very heavy wool jumpers and we all know wool absorbs every smell imaginable.  They have all passed the sniff test.  

You only need a pea-sized amount to go on each underarm but you do have to apply with finger tips.  This would be where I would or, at least, should tell you, if you are uncomfortable with using your fingertips and would prefer a stick this is not your product BUT I am not going to do that.  Instead, I am going to tell you to get over it, dig in and use your fingers because this product is a must use!  

Even my husband who is still an antiperspirant type of guy and rolls his eyes at my lack of use hasn’t been able to make snide comment one about my scent!  (And believe me, if there is ANY kind of smell, my husband is the first to make snarky comments.)

I realize some of you will come back and tell me “But the science is still not definitive whether aluminum containing antiperspirants really cause harm to the body!”.  Let me just say, as a breast cancer survivor, knowing what I know about how the body absorbs absolutely everything you put on your skin and that aluminum has been linked to neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s Disease, I ask you…..Is it really worth the risk in case the science is right???

Where to buy:: Meow Meow Tweet

Wishing you health, beauty, and elegance,

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