A healthy lifestyle is fundamental from healing chronic illness and/or reaching your health goals.  Lifestyle design is an important part of what we do because we understand that all illness starts with an emotional and/or spiritual root.  There is always a cause and effect. There is always a trigger. Identifying that trigger and finding ways to transmute those triggers and planning a lifestyle that helps you move forward helps you get out of your own way to really heal on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Body/Mind Rebalancing

Without a powerful vibrational mindset, profound healing and you reaching your health goals cannot occur.

Weight Loss

Individual nutrition, workout, and habits based programs to help you shed weight and keep it off!  Precision Nutrition Daily Coaching, meal planning, and much more. 

Lifestyle Design

Integrating your desired life into the life you currently live is imperative for profound healing.  Learning self-care, acceptance and love is the foundation of true healing.

Live your dream…

Vibrant balanced health is no longer out of your reach.Whether you need to lose a few pounds after baby, are trying to get pregnant, going through menopause or desiring to heal from a chronic illness, be it latent viruses such as EBV or Lyme Disease, heavy metal or other toxin overload, hormonal issue such as PCOS, Adrenal Insufficiency, Autoimmune disorders and so much more, lifestyle is the foundation of health and Elan Wellness Solutions provides that foundation to be able to heal and transform!

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Are you ready to embrace your wellness on a profound level?  If you are willing to dig into the root beyond the root and do the work it takes to be well, contact me below and let’s see how we can best work together.