Integrative nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all discipline. We are all unique, with our own genetic make-up, health history, lifestyle and emotional profile- therefore, we each require a customized strategy to achieve and sustain optimal health.

This is integrative nutrition.

Integrative nutrition aims at addressing the imbalances in the body by restoring function through food, lifestyle and supplement interventions. We transform dysfunctioning bodily systems into optimal, functional health.

Dr. Howard Loomis says, “there are no new body processes at work in disease that were not there in health [.] In disease, there are only normal functions that are going too fast, or too slow, or are otherwise inappropriate – out of time with need”.

Integrative nutrition is about figuring out what specifically is moving too fast or too slow, what is out of order, and then restoring balance to those processes.

Bio-Designing Aging

Sound nutritional planning enhances the ability to bio-hack or “bio-design” hormones, genomics, and more.

Menu & Meal Planning

Highly customized menu planning tailored to your treatment plan and health goals.

Weight Loss

Individual wellness, nutrition, workout, and habits based programs to help you shed weight and keep it off!

Nutrition Plans…

The emphasis is on choosing high-quality foods with a diversity of phytonutrients and eating them in such a manner as to support metabolic balance and optimal nutrition status, rather than counting calories. This individualized approach to recommending foods will address any underlying imbalances in core clinical functions and bring attention to the importance of creating a healthy relationship with food. The ultimate goal is to teach patients to become aware of how food may be impacting their health and contributing to the development and persistence of chronic disease.

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