Using Functional Medicine for Health Alchemy

Functional Medicine is one of the pillars of my practice and, these days, it is getting a lot of press.  With The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mark Hyman opening a burgeoning functional medicine program it is becoming much more mainstream. Of…
adrenal burnout
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4 Things You Must Know About Adrenal Burnout

Life can be a challenge when you are so tired you are actually wired, and in a vicious cycle! When you are experiencing adrenal burnout life can lose its magic. (Click here to listen to this as an audio.) It's been a long time since my last…
Waking up Exhausted? 6 Solutions for Better Sleep-18756

Waking up Exhausted? 6 Solutions for Better Sleep

Is better sleep as elusive as the Holy Grail?   Do you hit the snooze button 7 times before you drag yourself out of bed?   Do you drink vats of coffee just to be able to focus for more than 30 seconds?  Do you reach for a Danish…
Hormonal Imbalance?  Think Thyroid!-11973
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Hormonal Imbalance? Think Thyroid!

So how does it happen that the thyroid is both cause and effect of hormonal imbalance?  Take a look at the various hormones in the body and how they work below. Cortisol.  First on our list is the "stress" hormone. Cortisol is…
the truth about leptin resistance

The Lowdown on Leptin:: Pt. 2

Leptin is one of the reasons I love my job.  I know that sounds a little insane but it's true.  One of the big reasons I love being a nutritionist is having the unique opportunity to unravel the mystery of the health issues of my clients.…

Sugar:: Friend or Foe?

Jumping on the 'no sugar' bandwagon may be short sighted. Find out why.
DHEA and Adrenal Fatigue
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DHEA:: The "Other" Stress Hormone

What is DHEA and should you supplement?
Where low carb goes awry
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The Problems with Paleo:: When Atkins Goes Awry

What happens when low carb or no carb goes too far.
Carbs are killing you
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All Carbs are NOT Created Equal

A good infographic on why carbs (starches) will make you fat.
the whole grain myth
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The Whole Grain Myth:: An Insulin Nightmare

How do whole grains really affect your blood sugar? Is the health of whole grains truth or a big myth. You be the judge.