gua sha for face

TCM Spotlight: Facial Gua Sha for Radiant Skin

What is gua sha??  ‘Gua Sha’ has been a staple in the homes of Chinese peasants as well as in the clinics of Chinese medics for thousands of years. These days it is gaining popularity as a beauty and anti-aging treatment, with all…
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7 Steps to Radiant Wellbeing

It's not been very long (and still continues to some extent today) conventional medicine looked at the body as a machine whose parts would inevitably break down until it could no longer be repaired. In nutrition school and studying biochemistry,…
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Meet Wendy Gardner: The Beauty Behind "Glow"ing Skin

I have a little bit of a "girl crush" on the lady I got the chance to interview recently.  Wendy Gardner is the genius behind Glow Skincare  and one of my favorite ladies keeping my skin, well, glowing and vital.  Her bespoke…
the skinny on adaptogens
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The Skinny on Adaptogens

In these days of stress and our "go go go" lifestyles oftentimes we need a little help to make it over the hurdles.   We all know the power of eating a high quality nutrient dense diet full of vegetables, fruits, pastured, high quality…
5 Diet Myths Debunked
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5 Popular Diet Myths Debunked

We are taking a look at the most popular dietary theories and busting down the walls, revealing the truth!