milk thistle tea
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Estrogen Dominance and Liver Detox

You all know by now how much I love talking about the powerful effects too much estrogen has on the body.  Estrogen dominance, for women, causes so many symptoms including PMS symptoms, anxiety, depression, weight gain, heavy bleeding and…
Role of liver in metabolism
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Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 2

In Pathways to Detox Pt. 1 we talked about cytochrome P450 enzymes and their role in liver detox pathway I. Detox pathway I is an "conversion" phase, meaning it generally converts something from a fat soluble toxin…
liver detox pathways chart
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The Path(ways) to Detox Pt. 1

Every day I must get a dozen questions about the best way to "detox" the body.  I expect it, even welcome it.  After all, I AM The Detox Diva.  People want to know the best products work to detox their bodies.  More often…