Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance-11677
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Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance

Here at The Detox Diva we discuss hormonal health a lot, specifically about estrogen dominance.  With so many doctors prescribing birth control pills to treat a myriad of "female"problems (none of which birth control pills actually treat…
the truth about leptin resistance

The Lowdown on Leptin:: Pt. 2

Leptin is one of the reasons I love my job.  I know that sounds a little insane but it's true.  One of the big reasons I love being a nutritionist is having the unique opportunity to unravel the mystery of the health issues of my clients.…
the dark side of stevia
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The Dark Side of Stevia

With stevia cropping up in everything from baked goods to sodas, not knowing its very real downside can be downright dangerous to your long term health.
Fructose Facts and Fiction
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Fructose:: Facts and Fiction

Why is fructose so maligned? Is it deserved?
Carbs are killing you
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All Carbs are NOT Created Equal

A good infographic on why carbs (starches) will make you fat.
the whole grain myth
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The Whole Grain Myth:: An Insulin Nightmare

How do whole grains really affect your blood sugar? Is the health of whole grains truth or a big myth. You be the judge.
Big Sodas Bad Health
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Dear Detox Diva:: Switching to Regular Soda?

Find out why swapping out regular soda for diet soda may not be as smart as you may think.
Grain free intestinal terrorist
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Grains:: The Intestinal Terrorists

Are whole grains as healthy as we are led to believe or are they making us fatter and sicker than ever before?
wheat free for fertility
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Wheat-Free for Fertility

Find out how passing on wheat can boost odds for conceiving a child in your favor.
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Your Shampoo: Damaging Your Hair and Waistline

Your shampoo bottle could be harboring a sinister secret that could make your waistline expand and your hair falling out.