Is Nutrition Enough
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Why Nutrition Is Not Only About Food

Are nutrition guidelines enough? Have you followed the standard government health advice, whether it's the USDA Food Pyramid or NHS's Eatwell plate or your particular governmental recommendations and thought you were eating "healthy"?  Have…

Using Functional Medicine for Health Alchemy

Functional Medicine is one of the pillars of my practice and, these days, it is getting a lot of press.  With The Cleveland Clinic and Dr. Mark Hyman opening a burgeoning functional medicine program it is becoming much more mainstream. Of…
why the media should stay out of Nutrition
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Coke Causes Insanity : Why the Media Should Stay Out of Nutrition Hype

I believe the media needs to stay the hell out of educating (or mis-educating) the public...   Total geek out alert!  This is going to be VERY science-y.   Ok, so you all know that I tend to bristle when the media…
My Nutrition Meltdown

My Nutrition Meltdown

Nutrition Meltdown Well, it finally happened.  I didn't just go off the deep end, I flew off the high dive!  I knew one day I would have to address the fact that, in the beginning of The Detox Diva I kind of went down the rabbit hole…
signs of a slowing metabolism
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Is Your Metabolism Slowing Down?

We all know the feeling of sluggishness, of not feeling "quite right", of fatigue and even restlessness at certain times in our lives.  As we get older, that feeling can increase or even take over our lives.  Unfortunately, with the…
Baby blues
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Baby Blues or #PPD?

What is the difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression?
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The Holiday 80/20 Rule

How will an 80/20 rule help you navigate holiday eating and socializing and keep you in glowing health!
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Estrogen Dominance:: A Case Study

See how dramatically nutrition can affect the incidence of estrogen dominance even when combined with dramatic health problems.
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A Real Election Issue:: Nutrition

The campaign issues nobody wants to talk about is something EVERYONE should demand the candidates answer.