explanation of hormonal imbalance
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Explaining Hormonal Imbalance Pt. 1

Did you ever think about why we talk so much about hormonal imbalance? It might surprise you to know that the very same hormones that keep us healthy, balanced and happy are the exact same hormones that can cause us emotional and physical…
TCM and Dampness
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TCM and Treating Dampness in the Body

TCM and Dampness Issues With Spring all around us and seasonal allergies sidelining many of my patients, clients and readers I figured it was time to talk about a concept in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that is near and dear to my heart…
Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance-11677
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Low Progesterone:: The Other Side of Estrogen Dominance

Here at The Detox Diva we discuss hormonal health a lot, specifically about estrogen dominance.  With so many doctors prescribing birth control pills to treat a myriad of "female"problems (none of which birth control pills actually treat…
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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar:: A Nutrition Superstar

What makes raw apple cider vinegar a nutrition superstar? Read this and separate the fact from the fantasy.
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Lunaception:: Balance Your Hormones by the Moon

Find out how light pollution is destroying melatonin levels and how syncing your cycles with the moon can help eliminate PMS, PCOS, premenopausal symptoms, and boost fertility.