healthy oils and fats

I posted this on Facebook a few days ago and hadn’t realized it came out illegible.  I loved the infographic the moment I saw it, mostly because FINALLY someone created something that is entirely in line with what I am saying (though I had to read carefully when I saw canola and sunflower oil featured) that saturated fat is the absolute best fat you can eat.  It even mentions the dangers of PUFAs in a way that is assimilable yet is not preachy.

Though leads to another website that gives you just enough information to buy yet another E-book (which will probably be a lot like Fat Loss 4 Dummies AND they have the audacity to preach the mainstream “carbs are bad, fats are good” mumbo jumbo with no real science behind it), I think they really got it right with this particular graphic so much that I am leaving the attribute to them.

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