adrenal burnout

Life can be a challenge when you are so tired you are actually wired, and in a vicious cycle! When you are experiencing adrenal burnout life can lose its magic.

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It’s been a long time since my last post.  Life gets in the way and my own adrenal burnout started to rear its ugly head with working too hard, life with three two-year olds, family responsibilities, you name it, it’s happened.  

I have missed you all.  

We’ve all heard it before, perhaps with different names.  Adrenal depletion, adrenal burnout, adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency; these are the many names that all mean the same thing.  Your body cannot keep pace with the stress that it is under.  That’s a simplified reason for something that is actually quite complex.  It is also a long path to healing often times that takes a multi-pronged approach to truly support the body while in the midst of that healing.

We get to the point where we realize that something has to give.  That if we don’t start taking care of ourselves our ability to care for others will be diminished.  We hopefully start to feel like we have to take care of ourselves on a whole new level.

When you finally crash ( and crash you will if you don’t stop and realize you are running yourself ragged), you must take a very good look at your entire lifestyle. What are your goals, attitudes, or beliefs?  How are they serving you in ultimately creating the life you currently have and, more importantly, the one you deserve.

Do you believe it is completely natural to be tired all day?  Do you believe brain fog and feeling cluttered and spacey are normal states of being a woman or getting older? 

In my case, I burn the candle at both ends, wanting to give SO much to my clients that I often spend long hours poring over labs and client questionnaires to be ready for a consultation.  I sometimes work until 2am because I took a few hours to play with my kids and feel I need to make up the time.  I know, however, in times like this, I am actually less and less productive if I am stressing my body and mind so much that I make myself ill.  

During these times when I let myself spin out I don’t sleep properly.  I have a hard time going to sleep and, when I do sleep, thoughts of work fill my “dreams”.  I know when my adrenals are fatigued and it will take more than a few extra hours of sleep to put me right. 

Are you someone who burns the candle at both ends constantly?  If you are, keep on reading. Here are four things you need to know about adrenal burnout and depletion:

1. We may not know our adrenals are burning out until we crash.

Show of hands.  How many of you feel run down? Maybe you are feeling emotional and teary all the time.  (And many of you might be blaming them solely on your sex hormones!) Maybe you are overcome with worry and sometimes for no apparent reason. 

I’ve been there a few times in my life.  I have run myself into the ground so hard that I thought I was having heart attacks.  I was anxiety riddled, tired, depressed, puffy, and couldn’t get enough “junk food”.  I lost weight, gained weight, cried all the time, and had nasty bouts of road rage.  Doctors told me I just needed to exercise to alleviate stress but told me that the symptoms were all in my head.  

In fact, I was burned out and it was my body, specifically my adrenals, that needed healing.

2. We can heal from adrenal burnout.

I have had dramatic results healing clients all over the world.  I’ve healed myself.  The first step is admitting you have a problem.  The second step is admitting you are powerless and asking for help!  

“Hello, my name is {your name here}, and I am a stress addict.”

3. Most people (and many doctors) don’t really believe in it or fully understand it.

The road to adrenal depletion has many stops along the way. It is multi-faceted;  multi-layered. It affects us physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, and, what’s worse is there are so many layers to the possible signs and symptoms.

With adrenal burnout, it’s not all about looking for simple fatigue.

Some signs and symptoms of adrenal burnout/ fatigue/insufficiency  include:
Anxiety and restlessness
Bad memory and concentration
Body aches and pains
Cravings for sugar, fat, salt or salty food
Decreased productivity
Depression/low moods, feeling flat, lifeless or dull
Difficulty falling asleep and/or waking up in the morning. You may only feel you wake up at 10am, and feel your best and most alert at night.  (This gets worse as the insufficiency turns to fatigue and the fatigue turns to burnout.)
Digestion issues such as bloating, gas, decreased appetite, increased appetite (or both), constipation or diarrhea…
Dizziness upon standing
Energy crashes at 3-4pm (usually accompanied by the need for sweet or salty snacks)
Fatigue which is not abated even when sleeping more.  
Feeling disconnected/ cut off  from yourself and others
Feeling ungrounded,foggy, dizzy
Heart palpitations
Hypoglycemia; shakiness, irritability and symptoms you get when hungry and if you skip a meal or snack or wait too long between eating (This is the start of metabolic syndrome and what most doctors won’t tell you about the link between stress and diabetes)
Immune suppression, constantly getting sick
Increased effort to do every day tasks
Increased PMS symptoms.
Increased recovery time from illness or injury
Lack of enjoyment from tasks you used to love
Low libido
Low tolerance; people seem to be irritating you more than usual
Mental fatigue, brain fog and exhaustion
Mild depression
Osteopenia or Osteoporosis, as DHEA stimulates bone deposits
Overwhelm, and decreased or lack of ability to handle stress
Stress and panic attacks

So you see, fatigue is not the only sign of burnout. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?  Is it time to start looking at your  energy levels, health and lifestyle yet?  Are you ready to undergo radical healing from burnout?

4. I can help you experience a complete rejuvenation of your energy and get your groove back again.

I am committed to helping you go from exhausted, depleted and drained to feeling light, energized and uplifted.  And you can feel this way by getting the individualized help you need and by me showing you how to put small changes in place that can set in motion the beginning of healing from fatigue and adrenal burnout.

You might feel like it is impossible to begin this process, but what do you have to lose?  I can tell you that you only have your health and the ability to experience boundless energy, joy, and a buoyancy you haven’t experienced in a long while to gain.

Your adrenals deserve your respect, love and attention.  They need you to make a commitment to deeply desiring to look after yourself and practice self-care.

It would be an honor and privilege to support you in going from the burned-out, foggy, exhausted version of yourself to the very best, most energized, clear-minded and vibrant version of yourself.



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  1. T.E.C
    T.E.C says:

    Jacqueline….what a great post…I can totally relate to most, if not all of the above, although I feel I have been trying to heal myself these past few years. I’m finding this (Adrenal Fatigue & burnout) is not very socially accepted though, as in you are perceived as ‘lazy’ sometimes if you are not slashing through life with an iron sledge hammer 24/7. I kept telling colleagues that I feel I have “adrenal fatigue/burnout” to which I was dismissed as lazy, and flippant & get back to it. Two months later I got shingles across my cranial nerves, and could have gone blind when it spread to my eye. Now if someone calls me lazy for not over pushing myself, firstly I have to refrain myself from wanting to punch them in the head, and secondly I remove myself from negative situations as much as possible that only cause stress. And funnily enough, I feel a lot of so called health-care-professionals I have encountered anyway, are a lot of the times are the people to be the least understanding and pushy. Anyway, I apologise for the rant. I love your blog posts, especially the skincare ones….I now use Rahua Shampoo & Conditioner, and have been introduced to many other great things from your blogs – the razor you recommended, Angel Face Botanicals, Ayurvedic Rituals etc. I’d love to hear / read a blog on what your thoughts are upon ‘choosing the right health care practitioner for you’, and ‘why life is twice as hard for single woman, and how we are more productive in a (good) relationship than on our own’. I’d say women particularly who are single and do everything for themselves are more likely at risk of wearing themselves thin…although I’m not referring to abusive relationships of corse, but there seems to be this trend that it’s “cool” to exercise our masculine side and be uber independent.

    This is another reason why I love your blog posts too – married with children & divinely feminine – yumm xox

    • thedetoxdiva
      thedetoxdiva says:

      Oh I am so pleased to get to know my readers. I totally relate to people perceiving you are lazy when you are trying to practice even a modicum of self-care. Health care professionals do not understand burnout and are trained, by the very nature of their own trained, to believe burnout is normal.
      I might consider the “Choosing Your Health Care Provider” post!! Honestly, I do understand how living singly might be difficult but, unfortunately, I won’t be able to write that post because single people are on par with every other woman, specifically those with children, because dealing with a marriage and children along with any family that comes into the mix is just as prone to burnout but, I will tell you, between us, that yes, being single, especially if it is not completely by choice, CAN lead to burnout. I have been there but I have also been there as a mother.
      You rock. I love the tone of your comment. I hope to be able to help you long into the future!


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