It’s a particularly HOT HOT HOT  summer season in Lebanon this year and, seemingly, everywhere I am traveling, the moment I get there, it seems that it has heat wave ensues and the sun blasts down on me like a sausage under the grill.  

While I am, decisively, not a beachy sun person, I do love a good stroll along the streets of Paris or London or a picnic in the country and, while home, I am constantly chasing my children around the yard which means soaking up a great deal of sun.  

Now, before we go any further into this post let me assure you, I am white.  I don’t mean anglo-saxon, I mean whiter than pale, falling somewhere between a piece of cod and a sheet of A4 paper.   In a country of beach goers, trust me when I say, I stick out like a sore thumb.  While, in my teens, I used to get browner than a bear, I stopped tanning around the time I hit 20 and met a woman in Marbella that had just turned 40 and looked more like she could have been celebrating her 60th.  It had an impact on me and that was the very last time I ever “laid out in the sun”.  I started reaching for the highest SPF I could possibly get my hands on and bought a big sun hat and a white linen beach cover up along with a very large beach umbrella.  

It’s been several years since I have gotten anything but “incidental” sun walking outside, or taking my daily “Vitamin D” 20 minutes around 10am while the kids play.   

I am happy to report this strategy has left me with very nearly flawless skin but, since I am traveling more often to sunny places (and who wants to spend their days in Florence or Santorini indoors) I have often been asked my strategies for keeping my pale skin pale, especially since I eschew anything with any kind of nasty chemical present in most sunscreens.

Today I share one of my favorite secrets from one of my most favorite natural skincare lines ever.  

I tend to only wear sunscreen on my face, neck and décolletage, leaving my arms and legs to soak up whatever sun they dare but my skin is on the sensitive side so when I discovered Kypris Pot of Shade: Heliotropis SPF 30  Primer I nearly did a backflip with joy.  I had a feeling I was going to like this even though, up to that point, I hadn’t loved many sunscreens, natural or otherwise, on my face.  Most of them left me looking chalky or feeling like I was wearing a mask and then there was the inevitable breakouts that cropped up.

Kypris, as a brand was love at first sight; and adoration at first use.  The sunscreen is in a class by itself. It was meant to be a primer for being used under makeup but it is just as amazing used all on its own.  It is non-greasy so you never feel like there is an oil slick on your face.  It is 20% non-nano particle zinc oxide which means there is no potential for cellular toxicity.  It provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with nary a shadow on the skin.  It is flawless under makeup, as well.

What’s even more amazing about ‘Heliotropis’ is it being chock-a-block with skin nourishing ingredients like tamanu oil, which makes skin look like it’s lit from within, Sweet Iris stem cells which plumps skin and makes it look more luminous, sea algae which is super hydrating, Chaparral, which is a super anti-oxidant, probiotics, which balance the ‘microbiome’ on the skin, and sunflower, rich in beta carotene and other fatty acids.  

This is a hero product that I will never again be without.

I buy this amazing sunscreen/treatment from one of my favorite ‘toxin free beauty playgrounds’  Beauteabar.  I love the founder Melissa Waller’s attitude of wanting to change the world AND have a Balenciaga pure (or four) at the same time!  I secretly think we are twins separated at birth because this woman is super accomplished and exceptionally eco and health conscious but doesn’t shy away from luxury and surrounding herself with beauty.

Kypris Heliotropic collageMelissa manages to curate the best of the best in natural beauty products that are effective and luxurious at the same time and I am like a kid in a candy star whenever I drop by for a few of my favorite products ending up with far more than I bargained for.  Thank the heavens above for cash back credit cards, right?

They carry brands like May Lindstrom, EvolvH Hair, Vintner’s Daughter (stay tuned for that review!!), and even my favorite supplements from Sun Potion and Herbalore and even Addictive Wellness Beauty Chocolate!  (This is just the tip of the iceberg!)

Stop by Beauteabar for your own ‘Chocolate Factory’ experience today and walk away with some of the lovingly curated products that I can’t seem to stop buying!  Every single natural product they sell has The Detox Diva seal of approval  and I can’t wait until Beauteabar is just as much your favorite one stop natural beauty shopping experience as it is mine.

Buy Kypris Pot of Shade: Heliotropis  $68

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