tip the scale in your favor

FINALLY!!!  A plan that allows you to “tip the scales” in your favor and not only lets you lose weight permanently but figure out why you haven’t been able to keep it off in the past and supports you in personalizing your lifestyle to achieve unprecedented health and wellness!!

Step up to a whole new YOU!! Master the mindset of a healthy slim body and abundant energy and discover how to eating right for your genes can help you look better in your jeans!!


If you have ever felt like this you are not alone. Our modern lifestyles, the media telling us what our bodies should look like (which gets depressing and gives us nothing but the desire to give in and eat that bag of potato chips, a new author that promises the key to permanent weight loss, Google and a new “guru” promising if you only eat the way they eat you will be healthy, wealthy, and one step away from being a supermodel,  – and all the stress, worry, confusion and anxiety that often that goes with them – means that way too many people are struggling with not only how to eat but what to eat in what quantity and are confounded by which eating modality they should follow.   

Somehow, we find our lives filled with junky food, packed schedules, cluttered minds, heavy and stagnant digestion, l mood imbalances, fatigue, anxiety… and more. It can all add up to us feeling… well, less than versions of our true selves.

If this is you…..Read on to learn how to finally tip the scales…..

But… there is something out there to help you breathe a deep sigh of relief. Ahhhh, *exhale.*

There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

You don’t need to be confused for one second longer.

You just need the right tools and the right advice to help you reignite your inner fire, recharge your soul-batteries and get you back on track.

If you’ve been craving change, NOW is your time.
And I’m confident Project Transform Me Mind Weight Loss Edition is exactly what you’ve been looking for.


What this course is…

This is a 6-week online weight-loss program designed by me, Jacqueline Rizk, a clinical nutritionist, holistic health consultant, integrative health specialist and transformational coach  with years of experience guiding women from all around the world from a place of fat, frumpy, hormonal and anxiety riddled… to a balanced life full of clarity, confidence, an energetic body, a calm and nourished mind, and a deep connection to their spirit, as well as self-empowered knowledge of what works for them… and what doesn’t.

What you can expect from this course…

It’s a potent mix of content (think PDFs, worksheets, diagnostic tests,  audios, menu plans and so much more) combined with the power of community, in the form of an exclusive Facebook group. And of course, I’m there every step of the way – leading you through the work, answering all your burning questions, and guiding you on your journey to a happier, healthier you.

What this course addresses…

The course addresses all of the different parts of your ability to lose weight: your body, mind, spirit, space and life, because as I always say to my clients, there’ll never be just one thing that changes everything for you; it’s going to be a combination of therapies, of modalities, of mindset changes and of gentle modifications. It’s also going to rock your world with the truly unique individualized aspect of genetic testing and finally understanding how eating right not for your blood type but for your genes will change your life forever!

Why you need this course…

You can’t look at every diet out there and think THIS one or THAT one will be different. You have to look at your your body as an individual being, different to anyone else in the world and you have to look at your body as a whole… and that’s what we do with Project Transform Me Weight Loss Edition..

Identify your genes to look better in your jeans!!

Project Transform Me Weight Loss Edition promises to help you lose weight, identify any potential health issues now and in the future, and help you transform everything you know about weight loss and health in a highly personalized program based on learning about your “genes” and how they are expressed.  

A simple swab of your DNA allows us to create a highly personalized plan of action to get you moving towards a healthy weight and a vibrant lifestyle and allows me, as a nutritionist, to get very detailed about what exactly we need to do to ensure you stay slim and healthy for good!

We also delve in, as a group, to figuring out ways that you can enjoy your favorite foods (even if they aren’t genetically optimal!) and still see that number on the scale fall!  

We talk about calories and whether they matter or not. We examine exercise that will have you thinking about working out in a whole new light.

We’ll take a hard but detailed look at the thyroid, liver health, gut health, adrenal issues, and hormonal factors and leave no stone unturned so you never have to pick up another “lose weight fast” book again!!

What you get in your Project Transform Me Weight Loss Edition course…

With your package you will receive:

  • Every week for six weeks cutting edge health and lifestyle information to supercharge your path to wellness, weight loss and a rockin’ life!
  • Live laser coaching Q&A call to ask the questions you (and the rest of the rockstar ladies going through the journey) need answered.
  • 1 90-minute Comprehensive Health and Wellness consultation with Jacqueline Rizk to look at any specific health issues you may be having so that we can personalize a plan that works for you! ($359 value)
  • DNA panel testing 15 different gene sequences ($240 value) to see where your genes are expressing and how to get them to express positively.
  • 1 30-minute follow up consultation to go over the results and personalize any changes that need to be made as a result of the results. ($125 value)
  • 1 60-minute conversation with me to really supercharge your individual plan of action to really supercharge your health for good.
  • Pre-course goodies such as self-care planners, food journals, note paper, and guides to get you started before we actually “take off”.  
  • PLUS menu plans, recipes, and other swag to propel you forward on your path to health.
  • 20% off all food sensitivity tests!
  • 20% Coupon for a future course such as Project Transform Me Body MindEdition!

But wait….  IF you are one of the fabulous people who get in on Early Bird Pricing you will receive not one but TWO hour long follow up consultations to answer any specific questions you may have or to clarify or further personalize your plan to take your life and health back!!  

Ready to take that leap to a slimmer trimmer you for good??
(Early Bird Pricing ends September 7th 11:59pm EDT)

Early Bird Pricing is $947

Need a payment plan?  No problem.  We’ve got you covered. Click below for 2 and 3 month payment options.

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