Your health begins with you!

Work With Jacqueline

Jacqueline created Elan Wellness Solutions because she felt that to achieve your goals of wellness one needs the individual attention of their own personal practitioner. What is vital in this journey is to have a healthcare provider, who knows you, understands your uniqueness, and will support and collaborate with you to reach your goals.

Jacqueline practices Integrative & Functional Medicine alongside Clinical Nutrition which addresses the root causes of disease through a comprehensive look at your health. This involves an in-depth assessment of your personal history,  lifestyle, environment, mental, emotional and spiritual factors. We can even evaluate genetic factors that influence your health. This is the new frontier in medicine!

Using the latest lab testing and technology, if needed  Jacqueline then creates a personalized treatment plan that is tailored specifically to your individual needs. This may include diet, lifestyle change, stress management, nutraceuticals and when necessary referrals to your GP for prescription drugs.

This is true health care and not sick-care. .. a unique new level of primary care where your well-being and health are just as important as curing disease.

How We Work

Elan Wellness Solutions is a concierge wellness company.  We offer a-la-carte consultations as well as a membership model.

Ponder this: You don’t get in shape by going to the gym once a year. Similarly, you also don’t get healthy by going to the doctor once a year.

Elan Wellness Solution’s membership gives you personalized comprehensive health care by Jacqueline. Membership also includes health coaching, unlimited online access to Jacqueline, access to a private social media wellness community and discounts on medical-grade supplements.

What to Expect: 
1. Jacqueline will take the time to get to know you and your individual story
2. She will thoughtfully suggest state of the art diagnostic tests to determine the root cause of your symptoms.
3. Together we develop the best possible health, nutrition, and fitness plan for you. The result is the reversal of symptoms, wellness, and being in control of your own health. 

Jacqueline prefers to: “Test not Guess”– She has access to and may suggest tests that conventional doctors don’t normally order.  She does not test unnecessarily and if you have your own testing done she is happy to interpret those tests.

Did you know the vitamin industry is not regulated? So those supplements on the store shelf are questionable at best.  You will have access to Medical-grade supplements at a discounted price.

Food is Medicine.  Working with a Functional Medicine trained nutritionist and health coach will be life-changing.

Visit us virtually or in person during our VIP days at various points in the US, Europe, and Asia. Schedule visits and access notes and records online through your very own online portal.

Fallen off the workout wagon? Need encouragement to get off your couch and into your running shoes?  Health coaching will keep you motivated on track.

When you join the Elan Wellness Solutions membership- you will be added to a unique community.  Jacqueline will hold educational seminars, webinars and you will be added to a special Facebook page.

Ala Carte Consulting

Session A


This 2-hour consultation is for those ready to truly commit to taking charge of a total health transformation. I will review your case, any records, and labs you send along with your client intake questionnaire and ask many necessary questions needed to do a complete “functional timeline” of your health history, symptoms, and progression of illness, dysfunction or imbalance. After gathering all the information necessary I will begin creating your individualized plan including suggestions for additional tests and/or supplements to address your health concerns, nutritional guidelines, and meal plans if needed, and any lifestyle change recommendation beneficial for regaining optimal health. 

 It is best to arrange follow-up sessions with me to support you with next steps in your health plan.


Session B


This 60-minute consultation is for those with non-complex cases seeking some simple starting points. I will review your case, review basic labs, if necessary and ask any questions necessary. I will provide basic individually tailored recommendations so that you can begin addressing your health concerns.

Because of the limited time we have together, follow-up sessions may be needed as you progress along your path to wellness.

For those with chronic, complex cases or those in need of in-depth very hands-on support or who would like to choose a consultation package, the Comprehensive Wellness Consultation is recommended.