Let me break it down for you.  Coca-cola…..bad.  Water with lemon…..good.  Hamburger…..bad. Veggies….good.  I could stop there and it would simplify the alkaline diet to its core, however let’s go a bit deeper and dissect it a bit further for ease of understanding.

As discussed in our article Fertility and the Alkaline Diet , basically acid to alkaline is measured on a scale from 0 to 14 with 0 being the most acidic and 14 being the most alkaline substances.  Think of acid and think vinegar with baking soda being alkaline.  Since the body works hard at maintaining a slightly alkaline state of 7.36 and the body is pretty good at regulating what it needs to regulate you would think that the western medical and scientific communities would be correct in saying that diet does not play into the body’s ability to keep an alkaline state.  Unfortunately good science takes time and good nutrition makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars therefore promoting good nutrition in a bid to keep the body in a balanced slightly alkaline state and therefore healthy and disease free doesn’t help those doctors keep up their mortgage payments.  But I digress.


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The Standard American Diet is acid-forming.  I’m sorry, I didn’t make the rules.  With acidity comes obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, infertility and cancer.  With acidity comes low energy and chronic fatigue, headaches, mucous buildup,  inflammation and countless other health issues both niggling and serious. it can also contribute to adrenal fatigue. Using diet to get into an alkaline state will give you glowing skin, treat acne, eczema, dandruff, psoriasis and other inflammatory rashes, along with boosting energy and helping you sleep better.

Doctors may not want to acknowledge the fact but cancer cannot live in an alkaline state.  I am not suggesting that baking soda is the ultimate cure for cancer (maybe it is, who knows?) but I am suggesting that eating a healthy cleansing diet can dramatically reduce your risk of cancer so perhaps there is something to be said there.  Eh?

So let me break down the alkaline diet for you into the simplest terms.  Vegetables are the most alkaline foods on the planet.  Fruits, some more than others will keep the body in an alkaline state as well.  {For a complete list of Acid/Alkaline foods click HERE.} I’m sure you are scratching your heads about now wondering if you should avoid all foods on the acid side of the list. Before your head explodes with the various fruits and vegetables on different sides of the acid/alkaline fence, listen to me carefully.  If you are eating a variety of vegetables and fruits and not only eating bananas for a week,  you have nothing to fear.  So long as you are eating lots of vegetables and, a lesser but decent variety of fruits; an abundantly healthy rotation of greens, and a myriad of vegetables of fruits in all the colors of the rainbow you will be absolutely in an alkaline state.  Vegetables and fruits are also high in enzymes digesting quickly and efficiently and helping everything you eat metabolize and get where its going. Fermented veggies like saurkraut or Beet Kvass are also incredibly alkalizing and with lots of gut friendly life giving enzymes. Yes, proponents of the Acid/Alkaline diet are probably arranging my lynching about now but there you have it.  Eating a variety of vegetables and fruits are the easiest way to keep your body alkaline. They are also, energetically, great ways to beat the heat.

 Watermelon is one of the greatest fruits for staying alkaline by the way.  It’s summer, it’s hot and watermelon is in season.  Eat up.

Now onto grains.  Quinoa and millet are two very alkalizing grains. One of the greatest alkalizing summer salads is our Corsican Quinoa Salad full of quinoa, veggies, and a splash of lemon and cider vinegar (which is acidic but leaves an alkaline ash in the body) Whole grains are sometimes alkalizing and sometimes acidifying.  Refined grains are always acid forming.  With the genetic modification and hybridization, the rich complex nutrient profile of heirloom wheat that would make it more alkaline is gone making wheat mostly acid forming.  Glutinous grains, in general, are more acid forming than gluten-free grains. Bottom line, eat grains, in moderation and when choosing which grains to eat, choose traditional heirloom grains like quinoa, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, and heirloom wheat and again, in the tiniest amounts and not every day..  Sprouting grains makes them more alkaline so, when baking,  using sprouted flours are a good alternative to refined flours.

Next up, nuts.  Nuts contain healthy fats.  Some nuts, such as peanuts, pistachios, and cashews are acid forming. Cashews, however, contain minerals that fight depression.   Eat them but in moderation.  In conjunction with a healthy plant based diet they aren’t going to throw you over to the dark side.  Choosing almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and brazil nuts while eating others in more moderation will ensure you aren’t over acidifying your body.  Bottom line, don’t sit down to an entire jar of peanut butter.  Conversely, an entire jar of almond butter may not be the best idea either.

Meats?  Well, let me just say, though I am more of a careful omnivore, eating more veggies than anything, I do let the occasional piece of wild meat or game pass my lips.  I have been known to crave a grass-fed steak or free range chicken.  Before you all start rioting in the streets let me tell you, it is not my belief that every single person on the planet MUST be a vegan to be healthy.  Is it better for the planet?  Perhaps yes.  Perhaps not so much.  I get my chicken from the backyard of my husband’s aunt.  I know they are happy chickens.  Wild meat is hunted.  Our ancestors hunted and they did just fine.  Wild and free range animals have a higher Omega-3 profile and even some trace minerals and necessary Vitamin B-12.  They are acid forming but if you are not eating an entire chicken in one seating or a 16 oz. grass fed steak, your body isn’t going to be thrown over to the acidic side forever.

Commercially farmed animals are acid baths.  Sorry, it’s true.  They are fed acid forming grains that many of these animals can’t even metabolize so their bodies (and consequently meat) are acidic.  If you are going to eat meat don’t eat commercially farmed animals.  If you are going to eat meat, eat it as an occasional addition to a meal, and choose grass-fed, organic, or wild meat and game preferably from sources you know.  Get to know your food.

Milk and dairy are generally acidic.  Pasteurized and/or processed milk and dairy products make acid a certainty.  If you must drink or eat dairy, raw, unpasteurized is the only way to go and then, only in moderation.  Fermented products like kefir and yogurt are only mildly acidic and are good for digestion.  If you are using dairy, fermented products are a better choice and raw, if possible. Almond milk is awesome and alkaline.  Although butter and ghee are considered acid, grass-fed, raw, organic is less acid forming for the same reason wild, free range, grass fed meat is less so.  Use in moderation.  Never never never use margarine!  It’s plastic.  Corn oil is a pet peeve and is one of the highest acid forming oils.  If you are a vegan there are lots of spreads that use coconut oil (pH neutral) or sunflower.  Use them.  The rest of you, fry only as an occasional treat, use olive, coconut, grapeseed, and expeller pressed sunflower as close to raw as possible.  Don’t cook with olive oil, it makes it acidic.  Coconut, grapeseed, and safflower have high smoke points and do not turn acid forming as quickly so if you must cook with oil, these are the best choices.  My favorite way to saute when I cook my veggies (I eat them mostly raw) is ghee.  Veggies are alkaline and ghee is a little acidic so it makes them neutral….. and delicious!

Lastly.  Coffee, sugar, and cigarettes are acid forming.  It’s an unmitigated fact.  If you must have coffee try cold brewing  your coffee for less acid. Refined sugar is acid forming.  Coconut sugar, blackstrap molasses, raw honey, and, to a lesser extent, raw evaporated cane juice are less acid forming.  Sweeteners should be used in moderation.  Ciggies?  Well, you are on your own there.  Nothing is going to keep them from being acid forming.

Bottom line?  Drink your wheat grass and green juices, eat your veggies, choose the rest wisely.  Don’t get hung up on charts.  They are guidelines.  Eat a rainbow every day and ditch the SAD diet and be pHabulous!

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Note::  In Biochemistry they teach you that the body does a pretty good job of keeping you alkaline.  While eating a healthy diet is obviously the way to go, trying to keep everything out of your mouth that might possibly be acidifying is just not realistic and not necessary since the body can create the environment it needs to digest assuming one is eating a digestible meal.